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  3. fleasome

    • fleasome
    • abilio30

    Is this the correct wrap for A New Hope Leather Snout Wrap?


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  5. Alaskan_Salmon_Raider

    • Alaskan_Salmon_Raider
    • Raider of the Lost Arts

    Welcome to the Sandbox! Look forward to seeing your completed Raider. 

  6. Michael_Breunig

    • Michael_Breunig
    • Shiggles

    Happy Birthday Shiggles! 

  7. Michael_Breunig

    • Michael_Breunig
    • abilio30

    Hi Abilio30,

    I can trade a German Garrison Patch, that´s all I got so far , really do not know if your interested in a 501st German Garrison Patch?

    Let me know if you would be interested, or  would you want to sell it?

    I am also looking for the Standard Logo Krayt Clan Patch!  



  8. Bracegirdle

    • Bracegirdle
    • Pixeldust


    I’m think of becoming a Jawa as my first costume,are you still taking commissions?

    how much would an  full adult costume cost and what would be the approximate postage to the UK?

    thanks for you time


  9. tough

    • tough
    • Coin

    HI Coin~
    Do we have plans to make racing shirts and trading cards?



    1. Coin


      we do on both. we have done five racing shirt runs in four years and have to cut something else for them again, dont worry all anyone seems to want is the same shirt we can keep it up. Im getting someone else to do trading cards for us as we speak

    2. tough


      HI Coin~

      Thank you for answering!

      How can I make my racing shirt and trading card?

    3. sickdawgs



      Any update on trading cards?  I have a card with my garrison but I'd like a detachment card as well.  Thanks for all you do!


  10. tromper

    • tromper
    • navarre1095

    Hello. Who can I send garindan submission pics to please 

    1. navarre1095


      Your Garrison Membership Officer

    2. tromper


      the garindan crl says it can't be approved by the local gal and only by the detachment leader 

  11. Joey Bloodstripes

    • Joey Bloodstripes
    • zihyer

    Yo! how have you been? I haven't heard from you in awhile. I just tried to send you a message and it said you couldn't receive messages at this time.

  12. Brattie


    FAN EXPO TORONTO was a blast!!!


  13. Sinclair

    • Sinclair
    • De Jawa Vu

    Any sites I should start looking at for the Florida area?

    1. De Jawa Vu

      De Jawa Vu


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    KraytClan Code of Conduct

    Krayt Clan Guests: I would like take this opportunity to remind you that we all need to be on our best behavior here on the forums. Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow forum members even if you disagree with their point of view. If you find that you have become involved in a public disagreement, please consider taking the discussion to a private message instead of sharing your argument with not only all of us, but with the public as well! Everything that is posted in the unrestricted access forums reflects on us all! We MUST consider that public squabbles make us look unworthy of the PRIVILEGE of 501st membership and the use of the intellectual property of LFL. Personal attacks and harassment of your fellow members will not be tolerated! These behaviors could result in your access to the forums and your posting privileges being restricted. Here is a link to the 501st Legion's Code of Conduct which outlines the same rules used here: http://www.501st.com/databank/OperationsProtocol#Section_1:_Code_of_Conduct
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