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Hi! I'm a newbie here. I'm exploring the possibility of a Bantha build (a young, small calf, for obvious practical reasons!)

Any references would be helpful; I don't think any Bantha calves appeared in the movies, but have any appeared in canon at all?
I have seen one artist's impression on DeviantArt.
So is there scope for my imagination.. as long as it 'looks right'?
Have any been attempted before?

I'm keen to make this animal.. the biggest challenge seems to be sourcing a 'pelt' within my minimal budget.
The Bantha would need to pass through a three-foot-wide doorway and be light enough to be manoeuvred by one person of slight build (me).
I reckon I have the design skills and practical skills needed, and possibly all the materials needed (timber, metal, etc) - 
except the shaggy pelt!
No point starting the build until I know a source for that! I have some ideas to look into,
but would welcome suggestions.

As a shortcut (to tap into knowledge already around among Star Wars costume makers) would you say any Wookiee fur will also suit a young Bantha?
(Bantha hair looks straighter and coarser - more bristly than woolly - in reference photos, but I figure I could treat it somehow to stiffen it.)  

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Hi ya Peter,

Ok do we have a full moon or something, 2 people looking at building a Bantha in the space of a few hours...spooky!

So the pelt is the concern, we know younger animals have a shorter fur, you may get away with a longer fur that teddy bears are built from.  I do have a couple of different furs and one is long.

You may have to experiment with different types of mediums, to see what works well. There are wool ones, I never knew about till someone sent me fur to build an ewok and it was wool quite long too.

Thinking about it now that wool in the right colour may work for you. I know of a member in RL that build her Ewok from it over there in the States. I can ask what its called if you want?

Either way good luck and Please we want photos when your finished.  

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There are several that I know of. Tambo in the MidSouth has one. If u want his contact info just pm me


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I will certainly post photos of any progress I can make! First, sourcing an affordable simulated Bantha pelt is the key.
Depending on scale, I estimate I will need 40 sq.ft to 96 sq. ft of it.. 

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I would use lightweight tubing like electrical conduit for a frame.

You could attach casters (wheels) at the bottom for easy mobility. You could make it appear as if you were leading it on a chain.

For the pelt you could use the hook/latch method that Wookie costumers use to make their hair suits. Use kinnekelon synthetic hair latched onto mesh fabric. 

You could contour the shape of the bantha over the frame with foam padding over the framework. The pelt would go over that.

To make the head and face one could use blocks of craft foam that you sculpt with sharp tools. 

I would love to see a project like this done. 

Good luck!

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