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Underworld Detachment

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I see we have a few people very upset that; in the  new Detachment that is forming, we have been asked to seed some of our not completely flushed out costumes or ones that the GML team had more jurisdiction over. Or just unaffiliated costumes that could have gone here but never were made official


The Underworld Detachment has been in the works for two years and they need a good starting ground. The asked for some of our costumes to preside over, I allowed their request. If anyone feels strongly that they want no part in this new Detachment please PM me, I will be reaching out to the members affected by the possibility of being moved out of the Krayt Clan.


I would like to assure you you will not be kicked out of your current Detachment. Currently I am not removing anyone from our Detachment membership, you will be on the roster for the new Detachment at the Legion level, and in their Detachment , but stay on as a Detachment member here as well. 


If this doesnt not effect you feel free to express your opinion, but please be considerate of the people this actually has bearing on their membership





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May I suggest the CS to make an announcement in the KC announcement section?
I think some members of KC (and of 501st, let alone visitors or future members) might not have even noticed the discussion and implementation of a new detachment and which costumes are impacted.

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