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Trooping Banner Request

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     Currently I have (16) troops on record and have been recorded on my Events Roster with accompanying pictures


12/26/2016 - Arizona Snow Week, Science Center [ANH Tusken]

01/13/2017 - Arizona Museum of Natural History [ANH Tusken]
01/28/2017 - Tempe Library Con [ANH Tusken]
01/31/2017 - Reading Under the Stars [ANH Tusken]
02/25/2017 - B&G Boy Scout Bnqut (Queen Creek) [ANH Tusken]
02/28/2017 - B&G Boy Scout Bnqut (Mesa)  [ANH Tusken]
04/08/2017 - Cochise CC Comicon (SV) [ANH Tusken]
04/15/2017 - SWC (Mos Eisley Photo-Booth) [ANH Tusken]
05/05/2017 - Revenge of the Fifth Kickoff Party [ANH Tusken]
06/10/2017 - Bowling for Kids' Sake (Tempe) [ANH Tusken]
07/21/2017 - BSA All Night Game (Scottsdale) [ANH Tusken]
11/04/2017 - MS Walk (Tempe) [ANH Tusken]
12/02/2017 - ASU Women's Basketball (Tempe) [ANH Tusken]
12/09/2017 - PCH Ignite Festival/Walk (Phoenix) [ANH Tusken]
12/15/2017 - TLJ Fox 10 News (Phoenix) [ANH Tusken]
12/28/2017 - Arizona Snow Week, Science Center [ANH Tusken]

Total Troops: 16
2016: 1
2017: 15

Thank you,

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