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Bith Fanfar

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As some of you will be aware over at the UKG we are putting the band back together. A couple of us will be sporting the Fanfar as our instrument of choice so I started building.

I wasn't convinced by the CRL photo or description which didn't appear to match:


  • A small flute like instrument that is bronze in color
  • Simple lines etched every inch.
  • Tapers at both ends

Screenshots and discussion over on the Rebel Legion boards drew the conclusion that the bulk of the instrument was built with brass hose connectors. This does seem a likely source as the prop builders did try to use what was readily available and before plastic fittings took over brass connectors were common.


With this in mind I and the fact I was building 2 I had to source 16 identical connectors, a task I eventually managed but they came from multiple outlets. They are 3/4 inch Draper ones. The first thing I needed to do was get the Dremmel out and reduce the lengths of the internal fitting. Below is the connector, inner fitting and a partially modified one.


The inner diameter is 15mm so they have been assembled around a 15mm wooden dowel. The 2 outer brass rings were fixed leaving a 2mm gap and I commissioned some 30x6mm rubber washers to act as spacers between each connector.


The top of the Fanfar also appears to be a brass fitting so I use a Draper 3/4 inch tap connector then turned it down to the correct profile and to ensure it fitted snuggly inside the top connector.


The mouthpiece took me in to the world of pipe smoking and I managed to find a suitable replacement stem. It needed turning down but being ebonite this is easy to do and you can polish it afterwards to get a good shine.


The bottom fitting was made from brass tubing cut in to sections and assembled around the body of a black pen and inserted through a brass 28mm compression blanking cap.

In my eyes it resembles those seen in the screenshots even though it is darn heavy!


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Colored me impressed!

I'm sure if you reached out to Eric or anyone else on the LMO team they'd be willing to update the CRL and probably use a photo of your fanfar in place of the one they have. Maybe change the CRL to be "this version" or "this version" kind of thing. What's in the CRL now obviously doesn't 100% match the screen prop BUT I think it's a close enough product to be used, and is probably easier to make/find.

I know I've mentioned to you before when we were making the CRL we just ran with what we had on hand at that time. Now that more makers and costumers are coming forth I'm sure the instruments can be updated and changed.

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You need to shop around for the connectors as the price varies dramatically but under £40.

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1 hour ago, thebrighton said:

That was quick, Eric updated the CRL yesterday with my Fanfar. Many thanks :-)

Awesome! Congrats, and thanks for getting it updated.

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