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A series of pics for robe and bandoliers.

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A series of pics showing: 
 - Robe fullness.  Robe should have enough fullness to it to flounce and drape appropriately.
 - Bandolier placement.  Jawas wear one or two bandoliers draped over the shoulders.  Bandoliers should be long enough to reach the waist.  Bandoliers should not be tight across the chest or up under the armpit.  Jawas do not wear bandoliers around the waist.


Images above are linked.  Images below are uploaded... to ensure the load.

Jawa Ref 1.jpg

Jawa Ref 2.png

Jawa Ref 3.png

Jawa Ref 4.jpg

Jawa Ref 5.jpg

Jawa Ref 6.jpg

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