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Mr V

Ion Blaster Build (ANH)

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I like the idea of these little guys carrying a gun half their size.
Based on the SMLE 303 rifle with a grenade cup attached to the end. Shouldn't be too hard....
Step 1: Semi Fail.  Took a mold from a friends 303. With some work this could be good but due to warping of the clay mold the plaster cast is basically unusable. Fail.
The up side is i can use this for some accurate measurements and shaping.
Step 2: start again.
Bunnnings (Thats an Australian hardware store) full frontal attack.
Got away spending less than $25.00. That's a first!
I completed a sketch to help me stay on task.

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Chopping, grinding, sanding. No blood yet.
Next for a decent block of hardwood for the stock.  Pine would be easier to work with but would be full of knots.
Fun fact: Most of the 303 stocks that were constructed at the Lithgow Arms Factory were constructed out of the tree known as Coachwood (Ceratopetalum apetalum)
Resin casting today using this really good stuff.  Sets in 10 mins, Strong, sands easily, and does not stink the place out with fumes.
Just used some cheap modeling clay to make some shapes.
Assembly. sand, grind, file, fill and prime.
Stock and trigger to wrestle with nest weekend. Maybe.

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After two attempts at trying to work with hardwood for the stock i gave up due to splitting and cracking ocuring. Hello Pine.






Did some Photoshop overlay comparisons. Had to do quite a bit more reduction on the stock.  The end of the stock matches but the perspective changes in the photo.
The top image (Original ANH ion Blaster) is reversed.


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