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Soft parts - all sorts during my Tuksen build

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So I did a Gaffi stick build, helmet build and now all the other stuff !

Robes...........not much to say here. A weekend and 10 yards of osnaburg later ---- cut a pattern and sew it up ! Going for a Bantha Rider so a little more tailoring to get that slightly tighter - yet relatively short (4" from wrist) look. I'm a tall thin guy so kept the body a bit slimmer than the lower robe part as you can see. Needs to be weathered of course but I was pleased with where it stands and fits.




The boots felt a lot like the mask....rip some bull denim....brew some espresso and dye for a few hours. Then layer on the cloth....random yet intentional.....not too organized yet not sloppy ! Again...still need to weather. The brown boots were $20 from Walmart - fit well too. 




Then worked on the wrist wraps. Going the layered approach and will sew in Velcro. Again....rip some bull denim, dye the fabric and sew the strips together. Needs weathering and Velcro....then will see how sewing to the gloves works out. Will also need to see if I need another row or two.





And finally....here are the bandoliers - 1903 and two Martini's. The 1903 and one Martini are from Trooperbay....while the other Martini was www.mantheline.com. Satisfied with all their quality. Will eventually build or commission a custom waist belt - but happy with these for now. Again....need to be weathered - sensing a pattern ?!?!??


At this point.....I can almost taste the Tusken - getting closer to the finish line !!!!! Have ordered the grommets to make my sash next.......then its a whole lotta weathering !


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Weathering......<sigh>......like watching grass grow waiting for them to dry !   This was the espresso / water for two hours. Next will be the pure espresso in a spray bottle and then acrylic paints once it dries.

Here we have the robes....."scarf / neck wrap", bull denim I'm going to use for my sash, rope for the grommets to tie the sash (Bantha Raider) and to build out my arm wraps a bit further.


Boots after just the espresso spray......



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Did the sash today after some of the fabric above dried. My grommets (went with a 10mm) and grommet die from Kamsnaps arrived so figured no better time than today ! 

I've done a lot of snaps with my TK.....but never done grommets. Pretty easy.



Have some cotton rope that looks good. All these soft parts need to be weathered - working through the respirator next and then that will be my focus.

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