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K-98 Pouches for bandoleer?

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1 hour ago, Ashkanata said:

Would these pouches attached do a leather belt be approvable for a Jawa bandoleer going from shoulder to hip? 



Hello Ashkanata,

I cannot say if the pouches from Amazon are approved or not. I will leave the comments for other more experienced in the clan to respond.

I have seen Jawa with the following options as an alternative. I hope this helps!




I did find an image that has the pouches that look like what you are considering.



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Thanks!  Yeah, I've seen them in one of the pics on the reference thread.  I just couldn't find a whole bandolier for sale for them.  But I did find an approved Jawa wearing them in the costume gallery.  Jawa with the pouches .  Is there someone I can send pics to in order to get official word, or is this the best place for that? 

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Hello, I believe you have the correct forum (Kraytclan.com) to ask questions like this. There are lots of knowledgeable CRL interpreters on this forum. I am not an official authority on the question but will offer my opinion. 

The example you provided does show a bandolier that falls within the Jawa CRL criteria. I think the additional bandolier  with a 3 pouches/thinner belt would be acceptable as an add on as long as it does not distract from the character in terms of color (black and/or brown) and weathering.

As a single bandolier - 3 pouches/thinner belt - I am not sure how to interpret the Jawa CRL - "Acceptable versions of the bandolier consist of Swedish, British, NZ, Australian, Canadian, and German" I would defer to other more experienced people on the forum.

Jawa with the pouches









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Hi ya Gin,

Norman is correct, If the bandolier is in the movie then its approvable, I would suggest to weather that sucker. Remember how many to add, 3 looks like the go.

I did notice on another site it comes black, I would suggest the black, I haven't seen any brown ones in the movie. 




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