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Greetings from Virginia

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Hello everyone,

Iggy here. I am a member of he central squad in Virginia and am currently our Garrison's Web Liaison. 

I have completed many costumes so far for my 501st roster:

Sandtrooper, Snowtrooper, Imperial Staff Officer, Warrant Officer, Imperial Gunner, Bridge Crew, Reserve Tie, ANH Tie, ROTJ Tie, 181st Tie, Baron Fel, 181st Dress Uniform. 

So, I am currently working on 2 more. An AOTC Tusken for me, and an AOTC Female Tusken for my wife. 

I will be posting a build thread here shortly. I have found some great fabric for the AOTC male and am in progress of sewing everything up. I may even have leftover fabric to make a second. 

I am currently 3d printing and scratch-building everything for these.


Looking forward to being a part of the Krayt Clan!

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Hi ya Iggy and Welcome.

Your a busy little bee hey! 

Good luck on your builds. :) 

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