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Hello Pawel,

Sorry the fur on the Mask isn't correct, we are trying to take it  off the CRL as none of the Jawa's in the movie had any fur on the mask aka face, they had tape mesh and fabric.

You can have a mask with fur if you wish though it wont be cannon.

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Thanks M.J. for your reply.

Can you let me know, how does it work now? approval are according to current CRL which are on the 501st site, or they can be more requirements, which are not mentioned there?

I was planning to have fur, because it looks better for me, than just a mesh or fabric. In the film you can keep inside of the hood dark, but in reality, especially in the dessert it is impossible. 

So for now for basic approval I need to use only mesh/fabric, or this one will be still ok? (always I can make 2 masks)

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