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Bandolier Configurations

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TanRu    0

I'm finally getting going on my Jawa, so while waiting to get through pixeldust's queue, I'm looking at different bandolier configurations.

At the moment I'm thinking one Martini across the chest and a 1903 at the waist.

Any dis/advantage to this setup?

Any thoughts on 5-pocket vs 9-pocket 1903?

Thanks for any info!

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M.J.    423

HI ya Mike.

Its up to you really. You can have one or two crossing over like the movie.

Take note none of the Jawa's in the movie have them around the waist, though they do look like they have,  some toys and posters picture around the waist. There are some smaller jawas were the bandoliers drops hanging quite low, looking like they are around the waist. We use the one around the waist as to make us look smaller giving the elusion.

If you do have one around the waist just make sure its tight enough or your going have it dropping down as you walk.

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