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Solomon's Daughter's ANH WIP Tusken!

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MacPhisto    1

Hello all, 

As promised, I am starting to work on my daughter's ANH Tusken.  Here's some backstory:

A long time ago, in Virginia, (not a galaxy far away,) I thought about creating my own Tusken Raider.  This is long before I was completely cognizant of what the 501st was.  I stumbled upon Studio Creations' website and thought, okay, I've never done that before but hey, what could it hurt to try.  The pictures below are evidence of how far I got.  I built a mold out of clay and did the plaster of paris pull away.  I live in a small house and for the economy of space someone junked my plaster of paris pull so I've lost that a long time ago.

Now that I'm a TK I thought it would be great to dust off Gary, my tusken mold, to see if I could repurpose him for my 12 year old daughter, Kylie.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  I attempted to melt some ABS plastic in the oven but lacking a vacuum form table it is simply a mission impossible and not meant to be.  I retraced my steps and did more research hopeful that I could find an alternative method.  I did find that alternative method and then I did the calculations.  The cost to complete the mask using Gary was going to be over $200!  Aaaaaaarrrgggh! *tusken* Aaaarrgggh!

So, I find myself back to square one, only slightly left of the middle but heading in the right direction: because I went ahead and bought a Studio Creations mask for $26!  This is a price tag I can live with.  While I wish I could have made this, (made in America!) by hand, I can appreciate not doing so and so does my wallet.  My daughter and I are now awaiting the Studio Creations mask to get started in earnest.  I also ordered some monks cloth and that other O cloth I can't think of the name of right now.  Once I have more to share I definitely will. 





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