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Tamtel Skreej-Skiff Guard

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So, I'm starting Tamtel Skreej, as my application into the 501st, I know it isn't in the CRL database yet, so I'll be documenting my progress here.  I'll be divvying up the sections into mini projects; though I'll likely be jumping between them, as I don't have all the parts yet, and would rather not delay on getting started.  But after I finish, I'll likely reorganize it back into sections  This is probably my most expansive project, so any suggestions, comments, or questions would be welcome.

1. Helmet  2. Armor 3. Vest  4. Boots  5. Belt/Apron  6. BD-1 Vibro Axe  7.Clothes  8. DL-18 Blaster/Holster


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ARMOR Testing

So, I've started on my armor.  As the base, I selected a snakeskin vinyl; after hardening, bondo, and dremel sanding, it should provide a nice beaten up texture similar to the movie.  I completed the patterns and am going to use fiberglass resin to shape and harden it. I started with the wrist armor, as a test.  It appears to have been successful, I'll start shaping and hardening the chest and shoulder armor when the temperature rises next week.  Once I have the armor looking the way I like, I'm considering using it as a mold, testing on the wrist armor first of course.

armor step1.jpg

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The weather improved, so I was able to fiberglass my armor on Sunday. I've hardened my armor pieces, though now that I see it compared to my source pic, I may need to tailor the chest plate a bit more to make the shape more screen accurate.  Or I'll have to redo it, depending on how hard it is to cut the hardened fiberglass.  After tailoring, comes bondo, sanding, and detailing.  

18 May: I had to redo the chest plate, making it shorter and creating more spacing for the arm holes, so it shows off more of the vest.

8 June:  So, I have put bondo on the armor and got some sanding and shaping done.  Still have to do some patching/touch ups, as there are still a few air pockets I uncovered while sanding.  I don't plan on having it smooth like glass, as my interpretation is that the armor in the film was made to look hand forged; so by leaving some imperfections, it will appear more realistic.

Once I finish the armor, I'll try my hand at turning it into a mold, testing it on the wrist armor, as if I screw up, I only have to do redo the wrist armor and not the whole thing.  Painting will be once the helmet is prepped and after I have a successful product from the molds; but before the leather is applied to the dome, that way both the armor and helmet visors have matching paint jobs.  Adding the straps that connect the armor will be after I have molds made, as doing a mold with bolt holes will make the molding more challenging.  Any suggestions, comments, or questions are welcome.

armor phases3.jpg

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