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English Civil War Bandolier with Apostles

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When I first watched the extras on the A New Hope on bluray I noticed one of the Jawas was wearing a different bandolier with things hanging off it (see Jawa on the left).


Below is a close up.


I noticed eventually which Jawa it was in A New Hope, the one near C3PO as the Jawas are getting droids ready for sale.


And a close up.


After quite a bit of research I found that this bandolier is an English Civil War bandolier with carved wooden cases that use to hold one shot of gun powder for muskets called apostles.





I noticed also that the Jawa in question had more than one type of apostle.

The question is... Can I use these reference images to get this type of bandolier approved, even though it is not listed in the CRLs?

I ask, as I managed to source some wooden apostles... :)


Regards, Izzy

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Great Find sir... Thanks for sharing it with us here...


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You will notice that Jawa also has a normal bandolier on. From his left shoulder to right hip. You would need to be approved with a normal one , then wear the civil war as well on non canon troops.


You can also present a case to the DL to add the civil war bandolier into the CRL as one of the options as long as it's worn with another one as well.

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