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Hello From Phoenix, AZ

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What's up Krayt Clan Forum!!

I am a 501st member from Phoenix, Arizona and wanted to say hello to the forum members. I, like many, started off with the 501st doing a TK build and then built a Sandtrooper. After that, I decided to perfect the Sandtrooper and was approved as a deployed Police Officer with the Mos Eisley Police Department (MEPD). I knew then that it was time for a Tusken Raider and well... here I am. I am glad to be a part of this unique band of brothers and if anyone ever needs anything from Phoenix, let me know.

Regards, - Todd



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Welcome Todd.  Fellow DSG member here as well.  I'm about an hour south of Tuscon so about 4 1/2 hr drive for you but if you troop something down here and need help w anything, i'm available to assist.


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