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KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

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When I became a KC member (DZ9234) I could not wait to have a detachment trading card proof made for a trading card (I am number 28).

I have been trying to assemble a complete set (since there are currently 32 card proofs approved I did not think it to be difficult) Happy to say I reached over the half way point - Posting this here to try and reach out to the few members whom I have yet to contact that might be interested in helping me in my quest. Please contact me - I can trade cards or if you could possible send just one card to me - signed or unsigned I would be very thankful - 

Dennis Musgraves

1931 Christine Drive

North Pole, Alaska 99705

Here is what I have so far as of November 2017



The following is a current list of cards I am seeking. Thanks to others that have helped me so far, very grateful. 

Looking for the following for my set: 

List: card number - name

0- RaiderNick 

2-Wayne (redbacks) 

3- Caron (redbacks) 

5- Bullant 

6- Bullant

9- Shortee

12- HGbode

13- De Jawa Vu 

14- HeloTrooper 


I encourage other members to look into getting a proof made - the cards are excellent for trooping events and creating many smiles. 


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On ‎1‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 10:05 PM, DZ31869 said:

Looking forward to seeing a complete collection one day. Hope you will get there

one card at a time...progress moves slow

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Where did you get the proof made? What is the method for making a card for our character?

Check the KC member only section of the forum; you should have access: http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/3828-order-listproofs-list-kc-trading-cards-ongoing/

I went to this Link but don't have access..

DZ 78140 I want in to get cool stuff. Please help!

Lisa Warren Skygirl CTX 501st Jawa



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Hi Lisa,

You will have to request access here first with your approved Jawa:

Upon approval you will get access to all the cool stuff as well ;-)

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I am willing to pay for 100 Cards to be printed with directed specifications for members which are on my want list. 

KC Members on my want list Contact me with a message. 

Card Numbers wanted 


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My newest edition to my KC trading card collection is #015 - DZ- 31010 from the Japanese Garrison ! Welcome to Alaska...

Very Grateful to @Aruetii from the German Garrison for sending me the KC card for my collection - I never have been able to contact DZ-  31010 - However Mirko had his card and offered to send me, very thankful! Renewed my hope in one day obtaining the remaining cards I still would like to have.  Maybe one day I can finally communicate with DZ-31010 and possibly get it signed, until then I am elated just to have an unsigned version. 

Stoked in the Arctic!    Troopers helping Troopers! Thanks again Mirko






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