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Hey everyone so originally posted this in the wrong section. So im posting it here but I put this little toy together and i had a few Jawa people say i should post it on the forums. I just joined so yes im new to this detachment, but i thought you guys might like this. here is a link to a Jawa box i built. 


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dark Tabby    0
On 10/10/2016 at 9:53 PM, mattnelson521 said:

I sell them $35 + $3 shipping US. I Just sold my last 2 but ill have some more made up in the next couple days. Been kind of busy so my stock has run down some. 

Check out my group page if you like. The pin post list the stuff i currently make. 


when you  you have more in I would love to have some sound for my Jawa..  thanks 


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