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Making my wife a Jawa

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Since the garrison I'm applying for has a smaller Jawa presence I thought I would also post my build thread here!  Give me some solid insight as to weather I'm on track.  So here goes.  I dyed the fabric which was terrible.  I think if there is a hell mine would be dying 5 yards of fabric in a small rubber made container.  Next time bathtub or never again.  I chose to go with a tillweave as I thought it was a closer representation to the originals but still has the same weight as the monk cloth.  I have also cut the pattern and sewn it.  I screwed up on the hood which you can see below in the mask photo and need to pull hte stitches out so you don't see the fray on the inside.  I am confused as to weather I can hem the strands that wrap around so they dont fray though the additional fray might be nice.  

The inital purchase of goods.  Still working on boots and gloves.  May have some prospects of shoes from salvation army.


Here is the fabric dyed.  Really surprised how it turned out though I hated the process.


First test fit before sewing.  It's a bit long and I've trimmed it down some since but left some length for fraying and ill trim more once I see how the fraying lies.


My lights for the eyes finally came and I rigged up the mask with the plastic domes from the .50 (now $1) machines  Pretty happy but I don't like you can see hte imperfections in the plastic.  Will look for an alternate solution but this will do for now.  You can see clearly I done messed up on the hood.  


That's all for now!  Hopefully have an update soon with shoes and ammo pouches.  Utinni!

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Hi ya Aaron...

Oh I feel your pain with the Dying... not fun!

The Mask I used cardboard, watch what you place on it, I know it may mentioned Fur, though there was never any fur placed on the Jawa's in the movie and soon that will be taken off.

Yes Fray the ties, not the hood itself, hem the hood. Here are a couple of photos to help with your rim around the hood.

Sewing both the black fabric and the brown together then turn it around and it becomes a neat seam, then slide in the cord in then using your Zipper foot sew it.

I would then hand sew the black fabric to the hood.

BTW dont be afraid to unpick ...the story of my life.

Sorry for the large photos.



The black fabric just stops short to the end of the hood so I would hand sew it so you cannot see the sewing 


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Thanks for the information!  No fur makes me a bit sad.  I kinda liked having the fur with black wraps over it but i guess ill take it off :/  Started the shoes last night and taking the stitching apart.  planning to fix it up on sunday.  Have more updates soon!

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Ahh but Aaron you can put fur on gloves! 

Yeah sorry about the fur, we know the history of the Jawa but we want to be movie accurate.

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