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Green Tonnika Sister

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Few months ago I decided to make a costume of green Tonnika Sister. Step by step, slowly, I managed to finish wig, bodysuit, pants and - thanks to Sven - the belt. I have already shoes, so three elements are left: collar, cuffs and garter.

Below I added photos from making of the wig. I hope it'll help someone in the future :) to make "the base" for beehive (as I call it) I used PUR foam. When it set, I cut out the shape and covered it with fabric tightly. The fabric (old sock will be a good idea) is perfect to sew braids to it.







To spare some time, I ordered bodysuit. It was... well... at least I have nice fabric, right? I resew part of it and changed zipper. Flying squirrels would think of me like one of them ;D Oh, did I mention bodysuit was ordered for my custom size?



Aaaand the belt. Pretty, isn't it?



What do you think so far?

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Nice tutorial.


Oh yeah dont you love custom made ...


Looking good regardless 

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Thank you :)

I must admit it's a very comfy costume, but mainly for indoor troopings. The photo is from last weekend.


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