Lockdown on Detachment Rosters begins FEB1st

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Its almost that time of year again!!!!!!


The Detachment Rosters will be locked down as of FEB 1st until after the elections.


Make sure your voice will be able to be heard,   You are a ACTIVE Detachment member IF you have posted on the board at least once this year AND have a valid costume, not to much to ask


If you are listed as inactive all it takes is saying "Hi" in this post for me to activate you.

if you are Pending please PM me and I will fix it IMMEDIATELY    (letting me know your ID# will make it faster as well)

I will check this thread every day this week and my P.M.s

if you don't know how to check your status go here.

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I think I am active, I check the posts but don't respond much. So Hi hope to see lots of us representing at celebration. You will find me in the droid builders room or roaming the floor with our R2. 

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