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Gamorrean and Garindan/Kubaz

Gamorrean and Garindan/Kubaz Membership?  

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  1. 1. Should the Krayt Clan officially adopt the Gamorrean and Garindan/Kubaz characters into the detachment?

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Sorry for the delay in replying to this thread everybody! Had a great online chat with our new Detachment Leader yesterday! As the former Detachment Leader for the last seven years and current Krayt Clan Historian, I offer up my parts of yesterday's conversation as condensed perspective of the subject at hand.

Seems to be a bit more membership in favor of taking on the responsibility of those characters now than in years past. It's been up for vote 3 or 4 years in a row prior to last year, was always voted down by the membership.

Krayt Clan was created by a small group of us that were solely interested in building Jawa And Tusken Raider costumes for submission in the 501st. To give those characters a home that allowed new costumes a resource. Being the crazy costume builders we all are, we added threads for "other" characters we were working on for people to talk about builds as well as give the forums more content.

The first times that the subject came up to include those costumes within the Detachment, there were maybe 1 builder or two ever working on those costumes at any given time. The membership voted all those years to not take on the responsibility of those other costumes because there just was not the consistent membership participation. We wanted to focus on our interests and responsibilities instead of over tasking ourselves with costumes we knew nothing about.

Meanwhile, we created the Denizens forum as a place where we afforded them a resource for their builds as a jump off point to create their own Detachments when their numbers grew.

Now I don't understand some of the DZ options like the Wampa, that just doesn't fit our sandbox at all! But if there are numbers to help create the CRLs as well as maintain the costumes growth, I see no reason why Krayt Clan couldn't add other Tatooine Denizens to the Detachment. With membership vote approval of course.

Not just because we can collect the costumes, but because there is interest with in the Detachment to give those characters the proper respect their builds deserve.

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My personal thought is that anything seen on Tatooien should be here!!!! Granted we need to analyze and make CRL and all that but if it was ay Jabbas Place or Barge it should be here.

I agree. I think we should be one big happy desert family.  [tusken2]

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