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Found 1 result

  1. Wuher

    I am glad to announce that as of now Wuher will be an accepted costume in the 501st Legion, as I have been approved recently as the 1st one. Soon, I'm gonna forward CRL pictures and the crl should be done in the nearest weeks. In the meantime, as I forgot completely to document my progress with the costume, I'm posting the latest "ready" pics. I Want to note though, that I'm personally not fully satisfied with them, and I'm going to be making new ones with the nearest occasion. Of course, I'll upload them here as well. For now though, I'd like to express my many thanks to two of my friends and Squad-mates, whose help in creating this costume was truly tremendous. These fine people are "Jok" who has already accepted the 1st ever Pondo Baba in the 501st, and "Astela" who (among others) owns a Tusken female costume as well. Unfortunately I don't know their usernames on this forums, so I guess, they're going to have to speak up themselves . Now- enjoy the photos, and tell me what do you think? Some reference pictures: And myself (in my best "worst" state ever... ): As you might notice, in none of those pictures I do not have a ring, that was seen on Wuher's hand. But be not worried about that my dear colleagues, for I do indeed own one such ring, but simply forgot it for the "better make-up" photos you can see above. Here are a few pics with the ring, but a little less detailed make-up. As you will also see on the pictures below, I do also own a pair of "leg-wraps" which I'm going to submit as an optional accessory later on, when I'll get my hands on some longer ones, for Wuher was seen on some reference photos with them, and on some others, without them (since the "optional" category IMO). As I said, I'm going to try and make better photos ASAP, and then I'll post them here as well, so you can see it in full detail, in it's best form. For now- what do you guys think? I am personally fell very glad, and happy that I've made this costume, especially that at first I was somewhat sceptical about it, but it has managed to "grow" on me. I hope that you will find it satisfactory, or even better. And of course- glad to be a member of the 501st, "soon-to-be" member of the Krayt Clan Detachment, and (hopefully) one of your new welcomed colleagues.