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  1. Do you still make the Tusken glove

    1. berzerker


      I do.  Will start putting together more this week.  Watch the thread for availability.


  2. Do you still make the Tusken 

  3. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Well, yes and no. I do have a pattern cut from .020 HIPS but it would not be of value to anyone of a different size than me. First I started with a single sheet of cheap broadcloth. I wrapped myself and started pinning myself until I got the shape I wanted. Once that was achieved, I laid the single piece out and marked the number of panels I wanted in similar widths, going narrower or wider as ref pics dictated. I cut along those lines and laid the cloth strips on my HIPS. I added a seam allowance of 1/2" and marked my HIPS then cut them into strips. From there I was able to lay my new HIPS pattern onto a cheap fabric and make a proto shawl. Adjustments were made and steps repeated (and repeated) until I was happy with the result. The top piece was mostly made by eye. Sorry I couldn't be of more direct help. Good luck.
  4. concern regarding tusken mask

    Claustrophobia is a personal issue. This costume is rather good for space inside the mask and for vision compared to other costumes. Air supply. though, is a big issue. I dealt with it with a fan set up that you can see in my build thread here: By bringing fresh air in you will feel cooler and fresher which should aid in any feelings of discomfort. Do your research on mask kits. There are not as many options as there once were and they all stray from accuracy to some degree. As a GML I would discourage the purchase of some of them as they just don't look right. Cast resin will always be superior to vac-formed parts as it will capture more detail in, what is a highly detailed element of this costume. A good, accurate kit will cost no more than others so do your research and speak to your GML about preferred options.
  5. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    The baby was too doll-like and to minion looking for my liking so I gave it to my kid and planned something better. Full build thread here: http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4880-a-tusken-baby-build/
  6. A Tusken baby build

    As far as I know there is no existing reference for a Tusken baby. The closest would be the 3.75" Female Tusken Raider with child in backpack. That child is easily a toddler and not a baby but I used it as a reference nonetheless. REFERENCE: Over 5 hours I put this together using these quickly documented steps: Buy a baby doll. Attach sintra discs to sides of head for head apparatus support. Attach armature wire to discs to make the frame. Wrap frame with stretchy fabric. I did the mesh first then laid on each section at at time. Then put caps on each side over the discs. This is all hot glue work. Make a body stocking for the baby to ensure no exposed skin. Make socks and mitts. Wrap mitts and socks with torn fabric and add a little inner robe. Make sleeves that fit arms. Mine had to be L shaped to fit. The rigidity of the body and limbs made a full outer garment impossible so I glue the sleeves on... ... like so. Attach head. The face was painted but the eyes were not. You can just see them at the right angle and lighting. No leather purse. A baby doesn't need a purse. Time well spent to make my Female Tusken more realistic, IMHO.
  7. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Finished my day with some character creation and baby makin'! I went through some Female Tusken builds on the RL forums and loved Peg's idea of a baby so I gave it a go. Thrift store baby, large styro egg and Tusken images for inspiration (nothing actually used from the Uli-Ah) Wraps, painted greebs from the parts bin and it started to look, well, not too bad. Body stocking, robes and wraps finish it out. Footies Little hands Isn't he..or she.. adorable? Not sure if it comes across more as a doll or a baby but I'll carry it as a baby at events. Might add sound to it too.
  8. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Audio in action using subtle facial muscle movement. http://vid837.photobucket.com/albums/zz292/Berzerker_9223/Tusken%20Raider%20-%20Female%20Build/VID_20150829_124145491_zpsleugywec.mp4
  9. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    With everything looking good, I wanted to add some effects, in this case, audio. I've been making Male Tusken audio gloves for years so I just had to apply the practice here. My problem was that the slim gloves would not accommodate trigger buttons concealed under the glove. After some thought, I went a different route, one that I employed on my very first costume, a male Tusken 6 years ago. Lever switches. Painted, mounted on an 'L' bracket and the lever shaped to prevent injury. These were going into my helmet, right in front of my face and I didn't want any issues with putting the helmet on and off. Full system. 5 switches, 5 sound USB loaded sound card, MP3 player and AKER amp. In the end, I removed a switch as I could not activate it deliberately without possibly hitting another switch. MP3 player plays a deep breathing track. Four sounds loaded onto sound card. Mostly the same sounds I use for male Tuskens but the speed and pitch were altered to "feminize" them. Triggers mounted in helmet. Activated with lips and cheeks. Two more accessories to finish before the costume is complete.
  10. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Had a chance to do a quick photoshoot with a guy who has shot most of my many costumes at local Cons. I dremeled off the resin nail heads and tapped in brass finishing nails to give a more authentic look. "What's that blue light?"
  11. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Thanks Aaron. More credit than I deserve. I see it simply as another costume that I found attractive and challenging. Beers in Colorado? Someday for sure.
  12. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Haven't trooped it yet. Will make my maiden troop SEP 3-4 at FanExpo in Toronto. I don't see it as a very active character. Mostly just standing around. In fact, I can hide a little folding stool under the back so that I can sit around and tend the fire while other Tuskens roam about. Need to rig up a sound device that I can activate discretely as I don't want to break character but expect a lot of "Who are you?" questions. Will change the pitch on my standard Tusken sound glove sounds and a good Tusken roar should let them know what I am. Vision is comparable to a TK with no close, low vision and mobility is good but raising my arms won't happen. No YMCA for this Tusken. The shawl material is dense knit do it does not breathe at all so I added a cooling fan in the shroud, behind the throat element. It is a 5V, 3" ATI graphics card fan that I picked up in a surplus store. It is amazing for it's draw and spread. Air in at chest and out at eyes. Lasted about 16 hours with 4 X AA batteries and is whisper quiet. It's in place in all the pics above so you can see it is invisible to the public. As it hangs off the helmet it doesn't even touch my chest so I don't feel it. I had the round the corners of the cooling fins so it wouldn't bite my when (un)dressing. BTW, this is what is under the shroud keeping everything in shape and bearing the weight of the shroud. If you have questions, please ask. Don't think I'll post a tutorial on anything unless asked specifically.
  13. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    And, just for fun, a comparison of my 3 Female tusken builds. My first go. Not much here that appeals to me anymore. Number 2 Better parts, more skills and more time put into research and the build. The shawl draped horribly down the back and the fabric was decent but not right. Pouch hung from a neck strap. Current. Again, good parts and far more time into research and finding and attempting to match reference pics. The shawl drapes nicely down my back. The claw is a better sculpt. The fabrics are a very good match. I should add that the shawl in this current build was made, in parts, 5 times. I acquired fabrics that I thought were decent in the store but when I started they just were right. Once I found the right fabric (2 hours away from home) I had to make sure all my patterns were right so that I wouldn't waste any of it. Glad I did. this end result is what I envisioned years ago.
  14. Female Tusken Raider Build 3.0

    Weathering done today. I know I don't have to tell any Tusken that it is dirtier than the pictures show. Weathering of fabrics never comes across well in pictures.