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  1. Need to weather my bandolier up.

    Burn it with a torch.
  2. I'm here to Wrangle Rancors!!!

    Gotta love using Tapatalk for an unexpected chuckle.... So that's how you wrangle those monsters!![emoji23]
  3. A new WIP Beginning

    Darth Hair's video shows horizontal. It's supposed to be canted.
  4. PLA is wicked strong. Also ABS filament is strong too! If it breaks, print another one!!
  5. boot wraps

    Find my WIP thread. I did a shoe goo video!
  6. Hi everyone! Garbz here. I'm redoing my Dengar this year as I wrap up my Tusken(pun intended) and I decided to get the correct sidearm blaster. What does Dengar and Ponda have in common you ask? They both have a Blas-Tech DL-21. Anywho, I got a 3D printer for my birthday and I decided to design and print one. And it fits wonderfully in a Darmans Props holster: Right now I'm focusing on finishing Dengar's version but as you can see, Ponda'a handle is all that is left.. To be continued... Thanks for looking!
  7. help on Tusken bucket

    Arcturus1020 has a super sweet detailed build. He went very detailed on his. I have a DarthHair kit. You can check my build out as well.
  8. Please Raid Responsibly...

    Mmmm.... a pillage pilsner sounds good.
  9. Mouse Droid!!!

    Thomas Arroyo has great 3D plans for Mouse droids!!!
  10. Bith musician CRL

    I remembered there was a huge discussion because one of the band members was a scourge type character in a book. If there wasn't a current discussion and it was just pushed through, then that can of worms just opened.
  11. It went to your tapatalk account. Sent to forum pm
  12. "Plug-eye" from the book Kenobi

    Being the writer of 5 CRL's, may I say, go for it!! Make the costume as best described. First, find out if the character belongs in the 501st(a character in a dark seedy bar with no background story doesn't necessarily say he's a bad guy. If there is minimal reference, use your best judgment or ask the members, we're here to help!! Once the costume is made, breakdown the costume like similar CRL's. Write out the CRL in three tiers. One for entry level and two for more detailed attributes and experienced costumers. I can be as simple as "pieces are made out of aluminum." Or more precise like, "a 7/8" gap between stitching is a must..." Once pictures are made of each piece, and front back and side pics are taken of the costume, submit it to the DL. The Detachment Leader will send it to the Legion staff. And there will be some changes and rewording(what sounds good to you, might be confusing to others). All in all, the Legion loves new costumes. It takes members like you for the growth to happen! Good luck!
  13. Garbz's ANH Tusken build

    Weathering fabric sucks. It takes too long. Layer upon layer... weather element after element. The next step is yellow. I found some parts just still looked like new fabric. Yellowing helped create that discoloration from the suns.. You really can see it in the gloves. I added brown on one boot just for the "stepped in Bantha crap" look. It's still a little green but it's still wet. I think once I powder paint everything, it'll really look worn and torn!