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  1. Very cool build. You make it look easy!!!
  2. OMG!!! That is sweet!!!
  3. My mother-in-law works for Lowe's!! Discount!! I'm so doing this!!
  4. Hiya!
  5. Bwahahahaha!!!!! Yeah, two years is embarrassing but had a little distraction...
  6. Darth Hair is in our Garrison, his stuff is awesome!!
  7. What else is there to do when there's 12 inches of snow and you're all Netflix binged out? Finish all my sewing! It's kinda hard to measure when you're by yourself... And my gauntlets are done(minus thread clipping... This is why I didn't do full sleeves, My inner and outer robes are tighter on the wrist.. Dr. Strange's collar was my inspiration.. I didn't want a baclava, but I needed to cover my neck... Boom! Left to do: weather the hell out of it! This is my favorite part!
  8. More progress!!! I had issues with the inside corners after I trimmed 10 inches off. So I sewn them to the back seam: I hemmed the bottom zigzag style for the weathering process so I'm officially done with the outer robe!! And now for my sleeves. I decided to do gauntlet size because my outer robe will cover most of them. Here are some "test" shots I'm not sure I'll keep the finger loop once I see Velcro.
  9. This discussion has been ongoing. One of the "Legends" stories is that one band member was "in league" with a crime syndicate. I lost track on where it ended up. With all the pirates, mercs and other scoundrels that are popping up, there is a huge discussion about another "scourge" detachment forming to accommodate those characters. Again, it's not final but don't be disappointed or discouraged that we don't have a place yet.
  10. Allllllmoooosssssttt there......
  11. Bending the aluminum: I used a broom handle to get a nice and even bend. And double checking length. That was the hardest because breather had to go over my fat head but couldn't droop down too far. We moved last month so I lost my workbench and had to find an alternative... Voila!!! And now I wait for the glue to the cure... FML [emoji20]
  12. Nice wellies!
  13. This. Is inspirational!
  14. Wicked awesome!!!
  15. I think you're on the right path for fabric. Don't get overwhelmed by the project, break it down into pieces and focus each piece separately. Start with the inner robe. Then the ab/chest piece. Once you get the hands you can work on the gauntlets. Once you get the head, then you can work on the cape and fit the collar. The outer cape material looks like a heavyweight velvet(emperor guards cape). The collar is made of the same material but it looks like there is a stiffer inside liner. For the "girdle" ribs look for upholstery cord. You can spray a rubber coating over and the paint it. Hit up Joanns for the 40-60% off coupons. I've ventured to and from the car several times in the same day and used the mobile 50% off code each "visit" as long as you leave and come back, they don't care how many times you use the coupon. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!