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  1. How Many Malakilis are Officially Approved?

    Yes. That was Jay Shimko from my state of Michigan.
  2. Opinions needed!

    Patina for sure.
  3. I've used contact cement on the older SC headshells before. No problems. But I was using it to attach the cloth parts, not the greeblies.
  4. Great tusken pic from Episode 4

    Great shot!
  5. My other ANH costume

    Looks halfway decent.
  6. *Future* DZ9989 progress

    Here were the other 9 there that day from after the morning group pic. The one second from the right really needs to add weathering to his outfit, because in pics it looks almost white.
  7. *Future* DZ9989 progress

    .....and once you get cleared as a DZ, there's no stopping you if you wish to troop while also wearing the Swedish one around your waist, as long as an accurate one is on your torso. A lot of the older Tuskens use Swedish ones, because there was only one Tusken designation, not two like currently (Prequel and OT), and people just used whatever old World War leather bandoliers they could locate when they built their costume.....so a LOT of older Legion Tuskens use Swedish ones along with the neck breathers (pre-the new CRL's being written).
  8. *Future* DZ9989 progress

    *Psst Kathy* This one is in stock and it's of a type acceptable for the CRLs for ANH Tuskens: http://www.ima-usa.com/british-martini-henry-rifle-bandolier.html
  9. Motor City Comic Con

    On May 18th, we assembled 14 Tuskens together at Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan. We were supposed to have more, but a few that were planning on being in the pic couldn't be there at the time. Still...this was the most amount of Tuskens I've personally been with at once since I was at Celebration 3 back in 2005!!!
  10. Happy Birthday wishes! ^^

  11. New mask for yourself to troop in? Looking nice!
  12. *Future* DZ9989 progress

    I have always had just a single British one over the chest, but just last year also added in a Swedish one around the waist, over the sash. I know it's not as accurate. Just decided to try a different look for a while and it still looks "Tusken-like" to me.