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  1. Arm length question

    Hey so I got my robe all sewn together, and noticed my sleeves are a bit long. When at my sides, they go slightly past my fingers. When raised, they flop back and stay out of my way. I did check the pics to see if any movie jawas had sleeves hiding their hands, and I think I saw a couple. It looked like there was a mix of sleeve lengths. I mainly wanted to check and see if I could keep them long or have to shorten them some.
  2. Mask WIP

    Here's what the mask looks like so far. Gotta add a pocket for the battery pack but atm using my shirt pocket. Tested it out with a jacket since I have yet to start the rest of the costume. Only major thing I'm currently not happy with is the second layer around the eyes can be seen, along with the form of my face behind the fabric. May end up making a new cover.
  3. Mask WIP

    So here's what I'm using. Sadly the fan no longer works. I had the led eyes from another project I can no longer use. I also have a balaclava and some extra black fabric.
  4. Mask WIP

    yep, went through it before I started. My eyes are lit up with led lights. My eyes do glow without that huge bright spot on the corners of them. Again, that was the camera. I'm hoping adding sides will fix that issue. I already checked other examples on forums to see if my amber eyes were too dark or not. Also got eye measurements from there, which is how I know my eyes are too big. The siding will fix that issue. The pic is mainly just a test run on how the mask fit, location of eyes, and how it looked with a hood. Once I'm done, no gaps will be seen, and the eyes will look alot better hopefully. That, and I'm not using a jacket LOL!
  5. Mask WIP

    So, I actually already had amber led eyes from another cosplay, along with a plastic mask and see through balaclava. This is no where near complete, as I have alot of work and fixing to do, but here's what I got so far. The black is not connected atm as this was just a test run. The eyes are also a bit too big, so I plan to add sides. The brightness on top is my camera's fault.
  6. Hey all! I'm working on my first Star Wars costume, a jawa. I am still in the planning stages, but I already have a basic idea on what my game plan is. I can't wait to have it all completed!