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  1. Burbank, CA Tusken - DZ43666

    Main delay on your mask has been having my oven burn out and waiting for my complex to replace it. No oven, no headshells. Just got replaced yesterday and back to building! Mask will be finished within the week. Anybody else need a mask, kit, or pieces, just let me know.
  2. Hello, dz0437! I'm working on a male ANH Tusken build, and I was wondering a few things about the masks and mask kits you sell.

    • Are your completed masks "one-size-fits-all"?
    • Is it possible to order a mask that is completed except for applying the cloth wraps and weathering the mask? I ask this because I would probably take the wraps and tea-dye them to match my arm/boot wraps before applying them to the mask.
    • Just verifying that the turnaround for a completed mask is still about 4 weeks.

    Thank you for your time, and have a great day!


    1. dz0437


      Built masks an be customized for sizing, just need to let me know any special info. 

      Yes it can be built without applying the wraps, would only be $225 shipped US for the semi complete. 

      Turnaround is approx 4 weeks still at this time. 

      I can accept paypal at: 



      Any other questions just let me know.


  3. Hi Steve my daughter ordered and built one of your kits 2 years ago and loves it. However this summer someone who was looking at her mask dropped it and she keeps complaining that she needs a new base. Do you sell just the front and back mask part? If so could you let me know how much I would love to order it for her for Christmas.




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    2. Momma Bear Trooper

      Momma Bear Trooper


      were you able to get this shipped yet?

    3. dz0437


      Hi Denise! The headshells have shipped and should be there within the week. Thank you again for your patience and apologies again for the delay. 

      USPS customs form# LC823332073US

    4. Momma Bear Trooper

      Momma Bear Trooper

      They arrived today. Thank you very much.

  4. First build - Advice on best kits to use

    Hi, I'm Steve with Tusken Outfitters. I definitely ship to Australia, a lot in fact! Lol Let me know if I can help.
  5. Need a mask kit.

    If you need a kit, just let me know. I run Tusken Outfitters and would love to help!
  6. I don't know how much they weigh exactly but are definitely a lighter weight than an aluminum/silicone build. From the ones I've checked out, easily half the weight. Which is really nice on the neck and shoulders during long events! I can get a kit to you or build you a complete, just let me know. Would love to help out!
  7. Another "my first Tuskin Mask build"

    Good job building my kit! Looking great so far!
  8. Bumped up for new mask builders. Thanks as always!
  9. Looks great man! Congrats and thanks again! -Steve Tusken Outfitters
  10. Your build is looking great so far! I knew my kit would fit you! Keep up the great work!
  11. Road Map- ANH Tusken Raider

    Tusken Outfitters also offers the ANH respirator kits and completes.
  12. Tusken Outfitters also offers the bracelets as well as the bone clasp for the purse.
  13. Sorry to ruin all the fun, I'm really not that bad of a guy! Ha ha ha Here's a close up look at the measurements. Just over two inches between the air channels, would fit a small fan perfectly!
  14. Personally liked the larger eyes on there , but your mask still looks great! Glad the mod helped vision!