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  1. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Found this, my friend! Hope this helps:
  2. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Thanks!!!! I wanted to go with something that I could "carry" around with me if I travel around to different parts of the country/world (I love to travel). Taking my TK, I did once (I was able to tell my friends what flight I was coming in on so they could be EXTRA CAREFUL with unloading and such), but even then it was a hassle and security looked at me weird lol. So the other alternative is a Jawa, mostly soft parts and I can put it in a "duffel" bag and lug around with me! Great suggestions here, especially the velcro on the sleeves! that's perfect!!! I have a TK Talkie and never really use it for my TK (due to internal bucket size restriction), but I'm going to be using it with Jawa!!! Pulls the whole costume together
  3. Btabc Jawa

    Nice! I haven't even thought about looking for a leather shop around my area, but I'll be sure to look around now :). So this weekend was packed and I wasn't able to do much on my Jawa, but I was able to get the "eyes" painted so I'll be uploading those photos soon
  4. Btabc Jawa

    Thank you! I have gotten a little more progress with the bandolier, but it's just drawing out the stencil for the interior stabilizing. I'm trying to come up with a few different ideas on how to get a leather belt that's wide enough... unless I split a leather belt down the center to "widen" it? so many different possibilities lol. Also I have a double troop this Saturday (almost all day) that has me psyched beyond anything right now so I might not get a lot more completed with the Jawa, robe wise, but hopefully I'll be able to.
  5. Btabc Jawa

    So after dying the monks cloth... again... I was finally able to get the right color: And this is the second bandolier: I know it's not going to be approve-able as is, but I can use it while trooping :). Still a few more things to fix, adding a snap to the front, reinforcing the insides to better hold up and not look so "cloth-like" lol
  6. Btabc Jawa

    I hear you there, my friend! Thanks for the luck, I actually needed it, but was able to finally get the color correct!
  7. Hello from Albany, NY!

    That is true! And my mother has actually expressed interest in this while she's seen me working away on what I have been doing, so I'm thinking about making her one as well and getting her approved lol. It's always more fun to troop with others, especially when it's good friends and family! I'll be keeping a "weathered-eye" on your thread as well!
  8. Btabc Jawa

    Wow, well good luck with the cold... I was grateful when I left the "cold country" area and hit the beaches! You'll probably get ahead of me and my build as I tend to take a little longer on builds due to my "OCD". I'm working on a second bandolier strictly from visuals of the current one I bought and SHOULD have those finished sometime either this week or next week.
  9. Hello from Albany, NY!

    I've looked at getting one commissioned as well, but to be honest I wanted to try my "artistic abilities" at actually sewing... for a change so I decided to go the route of DIY. The cloth can get pricey, but if you hit Joann's up with a 50%-40% off... it's a LOT SIMPLER! (hint... they USUALLY have them online to print out) I also have a 15% off entire purchase due to me being a teacher so that also helps bunches lol. I might even "commission" some of the little locals to "assist" with some things? Is that too much?! (JK I like doing these things on my own)
  10. Btabc Jawa

    Haha yeah, I used to live in KY and would frequently have to worry about that from around Mid-November to around Mothers day of the next year. I wouldn't have to have it hanging out to dry if our dryer didn't decide to kick the bucket on Sunday.... haha. Thanks for following, more to come soon
  11. Btabc Jawa

    So it's FINALLY time for a update: I have most of the mats I need and I started the dying process (over the Thanksgiving holiday). The first batch I was liking while it was in the dye bath: However once I hung it to dry I noticed... it was WAY TOO LIGHT: This would look nice though, for a Strides for Breast Cancer... but not what I was going for. SO I went out to my Fabric store and bought 3 bottles of the cocoa brown (learned my lesson with the powder and not having enough lol). I like the reddish brown color, but this was a little TOO faded for me. So it went back into the dye bath: This was after I drained the water out more... and this next one is a better shot: I have the fabric drying now in my garage and I know the color is going to be a little lighter, but I like it . Will show more photos once I take them (fabric should be dry when I get home)
  12. Keeping your cool

    UKswrath, from Whitearmor.net has a good system that I use for my TK bucket. I have yet to install it into a mask for my jawa (to be), but I have the system in my bucket held in with velcro so I can take it out of one system and into another. The other good thing about UKswrath's system... he has them for batteries as well as a USB system, toggle for on/off and extensions (if you need longer you'll have to ask him). I recommend his stuff and love the fans. They're smaller squirrel fans: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35994-fs-ukswraths-cooling-fan-kits/ Take a look and see what you like. Hopefully these work
  13. Voxpax2 Jawa build

    You're more than welcome to call me, Bryce They did work for me once I got home... gotta love firewalls and blocking images haha. Either way, looks good! I'll have to go and check out the boot covers for further analysis so thank you! I'll be sure to let you know once I get my Utinni on and get that thread up and running... rather than the "to-do" list it is for me lol. Cheers c[_] <- that's the best I could do as a "glass" haha Bryce
  14. Btabc Jawa

    Ok everyone... as you might know I'm Btabc and I'm an Approved TK. I'm currently working on MULTIPLE projects and this Jawa is one that has caught my attention . This build thread is going to serve as a resource list of things I have to do, have done, completed and such. What I have completed so far: Nothing.... LOL What I have gathered: Obtained my bandolier yesterday so I have that... WIN! Enough Monk's Cloth to make me enough suits for my family... yes I said I would also do one for my mother :). Halloween Mask for a v1.0 (will be upgrading in the future to a more efficient mask that allows for airflow and such) Strapping for the mask... thank you for having MORE than enough mats from my TK webbing haha Brown Dye... Paint for weathering and such What I still need... eyes.... I know what I want, but the store was out of them so I have to order online and have shipped Antenna cord for the hood opening. For the Future... NEAR FUTURE A bigger Bandolier for larger items and such. I already have a template of what to do and how to make the pouches so I'm good there. So I'll just need pleather and such (more rigid mat, but not leather). I will come up with some more designs to make this a little more rigid. This is what I currently have as a progress goal!!! Now to get out there and start dying and stitching (and not getting stitches myself haha)!!!!
  15. Voxpax2 Jawa build

    Hello, Sarah! Unfortunately the links you've provided do not work for me... but then again I'm at a work computer so my firewall might prevent that haha. I'll wait to see if anyone else is able to view the folders. I'm interested to see what you've accomplished on the eyes as I'm running onto this same problem of masks and finding some that work for sight and airflow... I have a few other ideas to look into and then will make a more definite answer. Now the boot covers has intrigued me from the get go and I thought about doing this same thing, but as well as the same issues you've run into. I might just make a older pair of boots and modify them to fit my current trooping needs! The other thought I had would be similar to your boot covers, but also using a older (comfortable) pair of sneakers. Wrapping them in the mat and then making covers for the legs that velcro up the back? I have a friend that's done similar with his so I'll have to see about that route as well. I'm going to be starting in on my Jawa soon (within the next few days or so) so I'm getting closer to actually sewing and making my build thread as well lol. In fact... I might just go ahead and do so so I can prepare haha!