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  1. Btabc Jawa

    Ok everyone... as you might know I'm Btabc and I'm an Approved TK. I'm currently working on MULTIPLE projects and this Jawa is one that has caught my attention . This build thread is going to serve as a resource list of things I have to do, have done, completed and such. What I have completed so far: Nothing.... LOL What I have gathered: Obtained my bandolier yesterday so I have that... WIN! Enough Monk's Cloth to make me enough suits for my family... yes I said I would also do one for my mother :). Halloween Mask for a v1.0 (will be upgrading in the future to a more efficient mask that allows for airflow and such) Strapping for the mask... thank you for having MORE than enough mats from my TK webbing haha Brown Dye... Paint for weathering and such What I still need... eyes.... I know what I want, but the store was out of them so I have to order online and have shipped Antenna cord for the hood opening. For the Future... NEAR FUTURE A bigger Bandolier for larger items and such. I already have a template of what to do and how to make the pouches so I'm good there. So I'll just need pleather and such (more rigid mat, but not leather). I will come up with some more designs to make this a little more rigid. This is what I currently have as a progress goal!!! Now to get out there and start dying and stitching (and not getting stitches myself haha)!!!!
  2. Voxpax2 Jawa build

    Hello, Sarah! Unfortunately the links you've provided do not work for me... but then again I'm at a work computer so my firewall might prevent that haha. I'll wait to see if anyone else is able to view the folders. I'm interested to see what you've accomplished on the eyes as I'm running onto this same problem of masks and finding some that work for sight and airflow... I have a few other ideas to look into and then will make a more definite answer. Now the boot covers has intrigued me from the get go and I thought about doing this same thing, but as well as the same issues you've run into. I might just make a older pair of boots and modify them to fit my current trooping needs! The other thought I had would be similar to your boot covers, but also using a older (comfortable) pair of sneakers. Wrapping them in the mat and then making covers for the legs that velcro up the back? I have a friend that's done similar with his so I'll have to see about that route as well. I'm going to be starting in on my Jawa soon (within the next few days or so) so I'm getting closer to actually sewing and making my build thread as well lol. In fact... I might just go ahead and do so so I can prepare haha!
  3. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I'm sorry to hear you had to quit :(. I was looking into this thread as a example, but I look forward to seeing you in the future approved and trooping!
  4. EVA foam mask

    Overall this design shouldn't be too complicated? Just building up from the initial base layer (I usually build my stuff up slightly) to add the details and hiding the seams (if you're using smaller EVA foam floor mats, but if you're using the roll then you should be fine). IF YOU CHOOSE to go this route, please post pics as this would be neat to see the end result!
  5. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have actually already got a few ideas for the mask as well as a few different versions, but I have just a few more mats to obtain so I can finish it. As for the bandolier I have multiple reference pics so I'll more than likely be attempting to make this myself (if not out of leather then a leather like mat). I plan on making these big enough for various items to hold onto and carry around with me while trooping so I'm excited to start in on this.
  6. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    This is the second thread that I'm watching... first one being M.J.'s I'm getting excited to actually START in on mine :). I've had to put mine on hold for the time being due to a few things... drawings that are due for a website I draw for and my local store is out of monk's cloth (I have a friend that is SUPPOSED to get me a discount for working there now lol). "Following" this thread
  7. G'day from Tampa Bay

    Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to completing my ... hopefully soon
  8. G'day from Tampa Bay

    Thank you, sir!!!! I look forward to building many types of sand sculptures... and scrounging around for droid parts!!! Let the fun begin!!!!
  9. G'day from Tampa Bay

    LOL no worries you're only as old as your heart tells you, right?! I'm also loving the jawa project so far and I'll be sure to let you know as well! And yes ma'am, you just spoke with me I'll be sure to let you know if/when I have questions, thank you
  10. G'day from Tampa Bay

    I also believe that my fascination for this clan came about when I visit a friend and he is a Tusken. Either way, I look forward to my Jawa project! I have already gathered a few mats and have even heard my mother express interest in becoming a as well! Now to work and get my father involved....
  11. Good morning, everyone! I'm a currently approved TK that's working on a FEW projects (currently I'm working on another armor while raising my TK to the highest approval, so this'll be my third project). Now I know that's a lot to do, but being a Jawa is something that I've always found fascinating!