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  1. I'm 6'1, 240ish, and I've decided to uttinni I'm in the supply acquisition stage of my costume. Have 10 yards of monks cloth, dye, a hockey mask, submersible lights, and some other bits and bobs. My current question is for my vision impaired jawa friends. How do you wear glasses with your jawa? -- I am not able to wear contacts because... reasons. I scratch build the helmet for my mando to accomodate my glasses. Looking for some advice here. Thanks!
  2. K-98 Pouches for bandoleer?

    Thanks! Yeah, I've seen them in one of the pics on the reference thread. I just couldn't find a whole bandolier for sale for them. But I did find an approved Jawa wearing them in the costume gallery. Jawa with the pouches . Is there someone I can send pics to in order to get official word, or is this the best place for that?
  3. K-98 Pouches for bandoleer?

    Would these pouches attached do a leather belt be approvable for a Jawa bandoleer going from shoulder to hip?