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  1. Respirator WIP

    Starting to wind down my Tusken build journey - I see the light at the end of the tunnel ! Honestly went pretty fast once I took that first step after planning / reading for soooooo long. Anyway.....lots of good info here and www.tk1336.com did a nice run through. Used two spray paint cans as the base. Cut off the tops (where the nozzle is) and then the body at one at 3" and the other at 1". Picked up some WD-40 cans.....warning - they are changing everything to squeeze handles !!!!! So what you can do is get the mini cans - only problem is the caps are too big. So you need to trim them down a bit (as I already had done in the pic). The flare nuts are pretty standard and easy to find. I then used some Tupperware lid scraps as shims to reinforce the connection between the two cans. Glued it with hot glue and E6000 - same with the caps and nuts. Since it will be covered with leather, have a single piece of Gorilla tape just to be super certain the seam is tight. Then spray painted with aluminum color - same as used for the Gaffi stick. Next up will be to tidy it up....then bend and insert the aluminum rod.....and wrap it with leather.
  2. Did the sash today after some of the fabric above dried. My grommets (went with a 10mm) and grommet die from Kamsnaps arrived so figured no better time than today ! I've done a lot of snaps with my TK.....but never done grommets. Pretty easy. Have some cotton rope that looks good. All these soft parts need to be weathered - working through the respirator next and then that will be my focus.
  3. Poholio's Tusken WIP- APPROVED 11/2017

    Awesome looking Tusken - great job and congrats !!!!
  4. Tusken bucket WIP

    My weekend of weathering................this step is literally espresso in a spray bottle. Next will be the acrylic paints once this dries.
  5. Weathering......<sigh>......like watching grass grow waiting for them to dry ! This was the espresso / water for two hours. Next will be the pure espresso in a spray bottle and then acrylic paints once it dries. Here we have the robes....."scarf / neck wrap", bull denim I'm going to use for my sash, rope for the grommets to tie the sash (Bantha Raider) and to build out my arm wraps a bit further. Boots after just the espresso spray......
  6. Hello from "Texas" living in Germany

    Awesome ! I’m getting my kids into trooping as well so I hear ya - good times !
  7. What type of boot to use as base

    Did the same - Walmart rain boots. Although they took really well to hot glue for me - probably the type of rubber compound used for the boots.
  8. My journey continues...........soft parts thread over there ! LuckyJack's Soft Parts Thread
  9. So I did a Gaffi stick build, helmet build and now all the other stuff ! Robes...........not much to say here. A weekend and 10 yards of osnaburg later ---- cut a pattern and sew it up ! Going for a Bantha Rider so a little more tailoring to get that slightly tighter - yet relatively short (4" from wrist) look. I'm a tall thin guy so kept the body a bit slimmer than the lower robe part as you can see. Needs to be weathered of course but I was pleased with where it stands and fits. The boots felt a lot like the mask....rip some bull denim....brew some espresso and dye for a few hours. Then layer on the cloth....random yet intentional.....not too organized yet not sloppy ! Again...still need to weather. The brown boots were $20 from Walmart - fit well too. Then worked on the wrist wraps. Going the layered approach and will sew in Velcro. Again....rip some bull denim, dye the fabric and sew the strips together. Needs weathering and Velcro....then will see how sewing to the gloves works out. Will also need to see if I need another row or two. And finally....here are the bandoliers - 1903 and two Martini's. The 1903 and one Martini are from Trooperbay....while the other Martini was www.mantheline.com. Satisfied with all their quality. Will eventually build or commission a custom waist belt - but happy with these for now. Again....need to be weathered - sensing a pattern ?!?!?? At this point.....I can almost taste the Tusken - getting closer to the finish line !!!!! Have ordered the grommets to make my sash next.......then its a whole lotta weathering !
  10. Pre Clearance Bantha Rider

    Looking great - congrats!!!!
  11. Tusken bucket WIP

    Made a lot of progress over the past day or two. Found a nice vinyl that folded and glued much better than the leather I had. Did the mouth wrap - lot of folding....then un-folding because I made it too neat and orderly. Used the leather originally intended for the mouth as the background area. Then proceeded with the leather wrap and nose tab. Made some ventilation and sound holes.....then added the head spikes with fabric squares. Of course sliced myself with the crafting knife once or twice.....ever realize how sharp those things are ?!?!?! Let the wrapping begin !!!! <insert heavy bass beat here> As I progressed the Tusken really came to life !!! Had a lot of fun with this stage ! It was tough to be neat.....but not look neat !!! And make sure no wraps ended on the mask. Also glued in some screening behind the eyes and mouth. <insert lots of burnt fingers here with the hot glue> Really happy how it came out.....the dog kinda freaked out and almost chomped my foot when I tried it on.....but otherwise went well ! Next will be to let it sit, add a helmet liner....then check to see if any wraps need a touch or two of glue. Weather it a bit more and then on to the next stage of my kit build !!!
  12. Tusken bucket WIP

    So took that ever so delicate first step - drilling the mask ! You might be wondering....why the rather unique mouth pilot hole ? Well....its a bit of a creative challenge to work with components from different crafts people. So I have the Studio Creations shell and the Godzilla aluminum greeblies as I mentioned above. The aluminum parts are so awesome.....but they are heavy and so I need to ensure one doesn't fall off mid-troop !!! Since the teeth for example go in front of the nose where on a Godzilla model they sit on top, I had to make some adjustments. Also, needed to get this all set before the leather and cloth strips - a bit unusual as well I know. So cutting some durable plastic off a Tupperware bin, I used a heat gun to mold it into an L bracket with screw holes for the teeth. It goes right in to attach to the inside of the mask under the nose. I also used screws and washers to hold the tusks in place - the tusks are not drilled so using hot glue and E-6000 as filler, it worked great. Public Service Announcement - notice a broken crafting knife blade ? Wear those goggles kids !!!!!! While shaping the mouth the blade broke in half and flew like a rocket into my goggles ! Anyway...back to our regularly scheduled program..... Had to expand the mouth a bit lower....but still the same shape. I'm going to use leather cut like goggles to fit snugly over the eyes stalks and will glue to the base in order to keep them secure. Might look for a washer as well.... Also, my mouth leather was too thick. Couldn't fold it properly so need to get a new materials. Again....more to follow !!!
  13. Tusken bucket WIP

    Lol....thanks bud ! I know.....these are some first class rags - right !?!?? Rest easy tho....it’s almost 2 years past the “best if used buy” date so it would a touch on the stale side !
  14. Tusken bucket WIP

    Here's the results after 2 hours....4 mugs of espresso and about 10cups of cold water. I'll see how it dries overnight. Really happy with the result so far. If you look above at my workbench....you can see the starting color of the bull denim cloth. Its a really rich......medium espresso !
  15. Tusken bucket WIP

    So the Gaffi stick is wrapped up now.....so next project will be the mask. Yes - coming from the world of TK / TB 's its still a bucket to me ! Albeit a lot less white.....and just a shell of ABS.....and so much fabric...ok - very different ! So it all starts with the various goodies that have been collected...... - SC mask - Godzilla cast aluminum greeblies (oh I love these sooooo much !!!!) - This wonderful aged buffalo leather I found - A maroonish / dark brown thin upholstery leather - Bull denim fabric (rest to be used for arm wraps (going Bantha Rider), boots, etc) Tore up a bunch of bull denim strips for the mask. And a while back one of my children must have knocked a bag of espresso behind the shelf and it sat there for nearly 2 years. So it’s stale yet perfect for a Tusken !!! I’ve been saving it for this build ! Now....I've worked at a lot of Italian restaurants so I take my espresso very seriously. So its only natural my Tusken has a bit of panache and style as his fabrics will have the rich brown espresso color with a robusto roasted aroma !!!! Hmmm......after quite a bit of time it became apparent that this fabric likes a strong brew !!! Bene !!! More espresso...... More to follow once they soak a bit...........