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  1. WTB Aluminum Parts

    Went with the GZ Alum bits - it does make it front heavy so adding some weights to the back evens it out. Look so awesome tho - we sometimes suffer for fashion like I said in another thread !!!
  2. Aluminum greebles - too heavy?

    Agreed with the above posters - I use aluminum with my Studio Creations bucket and had to add weights to the back. Looks super awesome tho - we suffer for fashion !!!
  3. Buckets off for DZ 20990

    So sorry to hear this ! Never easy to say goodbye to one of our own......agreed with all the above in shared condolences.
  4. Possible new tusken

    Welcome !!! You got your hands full on those kits - keep at it !
  5. Hello from Houston

    Welcome to the sandbox !!!
  6. Greetings from Vineland, NJ

    Great to see ya hear mate !!!! Welcome to the sandbox !
  7. Greetings from Alpine Garrison

    Awesome !!! Congrats !!!!
  8. Greetings from Annapolis, Maryland, USA

    Congrats !!!! Lookin' great !
  9. Hi from Oz

    Congrats !!!
  10. Hi- I'm Stephanie!

    Congrats !!!
  11. Hello from New Jersey :)

    Carla !!!!! Welcome to the sandbox !!!
  12. I picked up osnaburg from fabric.com too as I couldn't find in at local brick and mortar stores.
  13. New Jawa from Australia

    Welcome and great looking jawa !
  14. Greetings from NYC

    Welcome to the sandbox and I'm sure we'll bump into each other as I'm just across the Hudson from ya !
  15. To all my fellow denizens have a safe and happy holiday season !!!!