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  1. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Welcome! Always nice to have followers. While you're waiting for the monk's cloth, maybe you can work on other parts of your costume. The actual sewing doesn't take terribly long (I was done within a few hours), but the mask and bandolier are slowing me down at the moment. I'm too much of a perfectionist for my own good!
  2. Hello from "Texas" living in Germany

    I'm almost done with my Jawa costume, and I'm near Ramstein. Let me know if you need any help.
  3. Jawa with glasses/Build thread

    I am going to use this as my mask: https://www.amazon.com/SKLZ-Shield-Full-Face-Protection-Softball/dp/B01D0UPWLI It's designed for softball, but it's comfortable and has plenty of ventilation. I'm an adult female of your height and weight, and I wear the "Youth: Small/Medium" size. I can easily wear my glasses under it. I will be adding pipe insulation material, metal washers, and magnets to attach my LED globe eyes to the frame (see my build thread for more detail, I'll be adding photos in the next day or two). I hope this helps!
  4. Voxpax2 Jawa build

    Good luck getting everything done in time for your convention! I like the idea of boot covers. I've been considering the same for mine, just because I don't want to "ruin" a perfectly good pair of boots. If you get that to work, please share how you did it. I also like the crossed bandolier look, but at this point, I'm just trying to get approved. I'll add extra stuff later.

    The best part about sewing this costume is the fact that it doesn't have to be perfect. Nobody is expecting your sleeves to be beautifully put together and your side seams to be absolutely straight. Monks cloth is a bit difficult to sew, since it likes to distort out of shape, so use lots of pins to hold everything in place. If you're nervous about sewing the sleeves, it might help to use a pattern for the armholes and sleeve tops. I used Simplicity 5840 for mine. I only used it for those two areas, though. Remember that the tops of the shoulders are on the fold of the fabric, so do not cut those. I strongly recommend M.J.'s suggestion to zigzag the edges above the fray-line! Monks cloth is horrible about fraying, and your entire costume will fall apart with the stitching. Good luck with your Jawa!
  6. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    So, just over a week later, my costume is getting closer to being finished. The hood is complete, aside from the velcro to hold it in place. The robe is more or less done, I just need to adjust the bottom hem (and possibly the hems of the sleeves). I also need to paint the sand-colored weathering on it, but I'm waiting until I get my boots done before I paint everything. I ordered black, opera-length gloves from We Love Colors, and I'm very happy with them. https://www.welovecolors.com/shop/shouldergloves.htm I found magnets! It took a lot of searching, though. I'm not sure why little magnets are so hard to find, but at least I have them. I have nail polish remover and brown shoe polish, as recommended by M.J.'s bandolier weathering thread. The boots still haven't arrived. I have my fabric scraps standing by. It will be fun to decorate the boots. This costume is on hold until next week, since I'm going away for a long weekend (quilting retreat, yay!). There's a troop coming up on November 18th, and I'm hoping to be ready to go by then.
  7. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing your Jawa, when it's finished.
  8. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    I went shopping today, and I think I found a good mask for me. It's designed for fast-pitch softball, but it fits comfortably over my glasses, and it has lots of ventilation: https://www.amazon.com/SKLZ-Shield-Full-Face-Protection-Softball/dp/B01D0UPWLI I also bought insulation tubing and metal washers to use as a base for my LED eyeballs. I wasn't able to find the magnets I want to use, but I hope to visit a craft store this weekend to find those. I'm still waiting for my black mesh fabric to arrive, so I have time to work on the mask before putting everything together. For sand-colored paint, I found some Rustoleum chalk paint in "Broken White" and "Jute." I think it will work, based on the results of Google Translate, but I will definitely test it on scraps first. http://rustoleumdiy.de/produkte/chalky-finish-furniture-paint/ I have the black version of these boots for my 501st approval costume (Imperial Crew/TIE Reserve Pilot), so I know these will fit me and can be worn for long periods of time without causing pain. They cost more than I really wanted to pay, but I didn't have any luck finding anything worth buying locally. Once the kids are fed tonight, I'll finally get to start sewing!
  9. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Thank you!
  10. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    I have these tea lights, and I'm wondering if you decided to use them for your mask. If so, how have they worked for you? I really like your use of the insulation for the base of your Jawa's eyes.
  11. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Can you please repost the links to the bandoliers you told me about? I wanted to order another one, but you deleted all of your links. Thanks!
  12. Giant Jawa Build Thread

    Most of my supplies have arrived! My fabric has been washed and is currently drying (our dryer doesn't work most of the time, and since it's issued by the military, we have to put up with it). I should start sewing this afternoon. The Airsoft mask I chose was ridiculously cheap for a reason. It doesn't fit my face, it's not really adjustable, and the part of the mask where the eyes would be attached was too low to be useful. I ended up throwing it away. I'm going to try to find a better one locally when I go shopping today. The bandolier I ordered looks great, but it's too short for me. I'm going to look for a cheap brown leather belt to add length to it, then I'll weather them together. I realized after my order shipped that I probably didn't order enough monks' cloth for the costume. I figured four yards for the body and a yard each for the sleeves, completely forgetting the hood! Once the fabric dries, I'll see what I can do, but it's very likely that I'll need to place another order (and wait for it to arrive). The only thing that might save me is the fact that it's not a directional fabric that needs everything to be cut along the same grain line. I'm looking forward to getting to work on this!
  13. Glare's Jawa Build

    It is going to be difficult for me to take a brand new pair of boots and "ruin" them for this costume. A part of my brain is freaking out about that. I hope you have better luck with that aspect than I have had so far.
  14. Greetings!

    Hello from southern Germany! After hearing one of my tall friends talk about how much he loves being a Jawa, I have decided to build my own Jawa costume. I'm 6'1" tall, so this will be quite an experience. I'm hoping to have fun with it. I've been a member of the 501st for just over two years, and I'm in the process of building several other costumes in addition to my Jawa. I'm looking forward to joining the Krayt Clan!
  15. I'm only a couple of inches shorter than you, and I'm building a Jawa. You wouldn't be alone, should you decide to do something completely different.