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  1. Cas' 2017 Gamorrean WIP

    I removed the link to the first album as it had just way too many pictures and I was obviously excited I'll still keep it and add to it for references if anyone wants it. But for now the new album above has less photos and updated to the work in progress.
  2. Cas' 2017 Gamorrean WIP

    The pictures of the arms are deceiving. There is no fur on the arms. They are green and black painted latex. I think the black will not be as visible closer to the elbow when tucked all the way into the fiberglass arm braces on the forearm area. As far as the legs, yes they go all the way to the crotch, held by clips to a belt system. Once I trim the bottom foam and make a new diaper it should show more thigh and definitely my knees. I just need to keep some of the bell of the foam for girth. I'm unable to upload arm and leg pics due to forum attachment upload restriction but scroll further down the imgur album.
  3. Cas' 2017 Gamorrean WIP

    ::Walks up and taps microphone:: Howdy folks! I'm Cas from California. Thought I'd post my new Gamorrean. Just got this in yesterday so definitely a work in progress.. Commissioned from Custom-Props (Claudio) from Argentina. Took just about 2 months for delivery. I opted for the full costume plus fiberglass/wood axe. Since most photo files in this sub are dead, I'll use Imgur to host the pictures. I'll try to update that album but keeping it hidden and not public until finalized and hopefully one day approved. I have no other 501st approved outfit so no access to my local Garrison forums. I did facebook stalk a local garrison member who had two Gamos in the past and he is willing to help. If you have an approved gamo, rest assured I have your pic 501st profile pic saved for references Paul from TRamp (facebook/Trooperamp) made me some custom pig sounds and added the it just for me and it's now on his standard character profiles list. I will figure out the finger buttons for the remotes for random loop and on demand sounds. I do have a dropbox video of the prelim sounds that he posted, acknowledging it's a WIP. I'll do some solo videos just of the TRamp and various sounds later also. If you decide to get your own or contact Paul, please reference me using code TRS0082 . TRamp sounds WIP Anyway here is the album from the very first time I tried it on. Nothing submitted yet. I'll be adding and deleting to that folder as time goes on. I'll add photos of individual parts and delete some of the duplicates and try to edit some of the individual photo descriptions. I tried to take all if not most landscape but for some reason imgur rotates funny. Cas' Gamorrean Guard Work in Progress I know a lot of work still to go including but not limited to: For CRL weathering Outer vest is leather so weathering should be easier than pleather/vinyl not sure about the zipper on the back for CRL Maybe cover with leather strip down the back with velcro? resize or complete redo of diaper (chest and body zipper together so may be an issue) For now trimming bottom of bell up to about mid fur so thighs show) Make a diaper of suede in the style of "granny panties" about size 60 waist and 8" thighs with elastic. I can probably glue up high keep them just with elastic as long as they don't droop brown leather straps for shoulder pauldrons (currently black leather with snaps) CRL not movie accurate trim under tunic cloth sleeves so more biceps show Tunic sleeves cloth should match helm cloth CRL (currently monks cloth on sleeves) shoe goo for more snot and slobber Nice to have Vibro Lance/axe pole arm rigging finger buttons in gloves for TRamp, maybe velcro to ea finger on non axe hand and wear cloth glove inside latex glove shell Rigging finger buttons to Axes or polearm for sounds for second remote Rigging TRamp sound box to chest, gut, or belt. maybe longer fur cross chest and back rigging for tunic cloth sleeves to keep high on shoulders or whole new open shirt with sleeves of same material as helm? Fans for mask trim eyes so not so tight against face trim foam from gloves so not so tight and more flexibility. redo leg and foot strapping with leather or pleather? I am not artistic or have many tools so this will still be a challenge. I bought my first sewing machine! Haven't sewn since 80s high school home economics so should be interesting. Hopefully one day it will come to fruition and I'll be a Denizen! Recommendations, advice, critiques are more than welcome either here or via private message. Questions, comments? Fire away! Edits: added more to the list, deleted original imgur folder link that had way too many photos.