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  1. Jawa Ion Blaster Question

    A Jawa's nature as a scavenger denotes his ability to construct an Ion Blaster. Scrounged parts, haphazardly cobbled together, sometimes with unreliable results. My question is, outside of the Jawa Ion Blaster in ANH, is there a cannon version, or are Ion Blaster builds open to interpretation because they're constructed from scavenged parts. I promise I'm not looking to open a can of worms here. Marc V http://imgur.com/gallery/HMv7H8g
  2. Photo upload help

    Sweet! I took my pics to Imgur and did what your said,,,PERFECT! I appreciate the help. Marc V,
  3. My Gaffi was created over a period of a few weeks using Happy Troopers video tutorial. I took a few artistic liberties like wrapping hand grips using Krayt dragon leather, but the overall inspiration was/is definitely because of Happy Trooper. Thanks to H'troop for letting bend his electronic ear with tons of questions, and to my wife for not complaining to bad when I got all purpose putty on the kitchen table. All questions, comments, and critiques welcome. Thanks, Marc V.
  4. Photo upload help

    I was going to post pics of my completed Gaffi but it wont allow me to choose 1 or 2 files. I have nine I would like to show but cant. How can I fix this or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance, Marc V.
  5. Howdy From Texas!

    Welcome! New here myself. Taking the Tusken journey as well.
  6. Newbie Here!

    Hi All. New to the forum and looking forward to making tons of contacts, being inspired by others builds, and asking the most pedestrian questions that I SHOULD know the answers to already. I'm new....be gentle. Nice to meet you all in advance, Marc V.