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  1. Kloo Horn

    Got a pic?
  2. Taking care of latex hands

    Are you planning on re-painting or ... what?
  3. Forum Donations

    A badge would be cool, or even a special patch that you can only buy (at cost in accordance with 501st rules) if you have first earned the donation badge. So like the donation badge is $5 or $10 and you can buy the special patches at cost + shipping.
  4. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Cool thread. I'd love a set, but watching your troubles makes me question if it's worth my effort.
  5. Taking care of latex hands

    Good question... following with interest!
  6. Bith Cantine

    I noticed that the pants almost look wool-ish in some photos. The ones I picked up for now are more like work pants (still fit the CRL). What did you use?
  7. 501st Access Requests

    Requesting 501st Access TK 5917 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=10337 Thanks! Done!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Kloo Horn

    I've seen theirs on etsy, but I wasn't even sure what you get for your $200 since it shows a metal looking finished one and then a render drawing. Do you get a bunch of 3D pieces you have to assemble and finish yourself for $200?
  9. Kloo Horn

    Would love to pick up (or make, or commission) a Kloo Horn. Anyone got any advice or thoughts?
  10. Bith Cantine

    Started working on a Bith... from the photo references I'm working with there are clearly at least 2 different types of coats and the chef jacket types look to have 4-5 buttons
  11. Bith Suppliers

    I'm working with someone in California for mine... i'll let ya know how it turns out.