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  1. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Thank you very much for sharing!!!!
  2. Building a Gamorrean Guard in Spain

    To do what I have called inner armor, I am going to use these straw-like remains that are used to decorate the radiator covers. Here is an example of what it is: http://www.aki.es/productos/rollo-de-rejilla/idp25336 I did not buy it here. As I say, it is simply an example of what it is. I do not know if I will be breaking the rules of the forum by this link ... if so, please let me know. As soon as I have you I put some images (two weeks hahaha)
  3. Building a Gamorrean Guard in Spain

    It's the original costume, used in the movie
  4. Hello, first of all ask for forgiveness because I am using the google translator to write this. I've been looking around for a lot of times, and after asking several "doers", I've decided on Chris Stephens Creations, which seems to have started the creation of the mold for the pig. I still do not know what the latex parts are going to cost or how they are going to stay ... Everything is possible that I will be back for price or finish, although being Chris I think the finish will be great. Those who already have the pig built, I would like you to tell me what kind of fabrics have been used. I want to get as close as possible to the Gamorrean of the Return of the Jedi. In Spain the publishing company Planeta Comic has the book of star wars costumes by Brandon Alinger. There are two pages with a review and photos that I will post. I have also noticed the frames of the film. I have taken them from here: https://starwarsscreencaps.com/star-wars-episode-vi-return-of-the-jedi-1983/16/ Although I hope the latex aprtes that I have not yet commissioned ... I have begun to design what I call internal armor. The idea I wanted to copy to unclesven. I hope to go slowly updating this post and go showing my progress. The images I think I am going to publish them in a public album of facebook, unless I find another way so that they do not get lost in the forgetfulness like the majority of the images that have been hung.
  5. Finally ready to start into this

    Chris has already started with the construction of the latex parts.
  6. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Could you put photos of how you've done the interior structure? The diaper and the belly.
  7. Reload the images

    Hello everyone, I have the firm intention of becoming a gamorrean guard and I have been following several guides of this forum. I have found that most of the images have fallen and is a shame, because they are very important to be able to guide the new ones in the construction of a gamorrean guard. Could you re-upload the images? The same have been lost forever ... snif. I take time to ask where they have taken the latex parts, as some suppliers no longer respond. I have contacted other manufacturers, but I still have not decided. a greeting