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  1. Garindan build

    So my approval is being held up because the CRL says a Sherlock Holmes style cape (which I assumed meant there was a collar) but the CRL shows a cloak without a collar. Anyone know which s actually correct? Jawa DZ-13175
  2. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Requesting access ASAP to get in on the patch run, please! Thanks in advance! Jawa DZ-13175 ACCESS GRANTED
  3. Utinni! From Houston, TX

    Thanks! Jawa DZ-13175
  4. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Requesting full access please! https://www.501st.com/members/...memberdetails.php?userID=21328 Jawa DZ-13175 ACCESS GRANTED
  5. Access request

    Requesting full access please.. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21328 Jawa DZ-13175
  6. Greetings fellow members from DZ-13175! I recently had my jawa approved and I'm about to submit my Garindan. So glad to be a part of this group now! Requesting full access to the boards please. Jawa DZ-13175
  7. Garindan build

    Hello all.. TI-13175 from the South Texas Squad of Star Garrison here. I have an IG and waiting on approval for my jawa as well as my Navy Trooper. In the mean time, I've started on my Garindan costume. I ordered my mask from Ray Nogues on May 15th and have commissioned the capes from a local squad mate. I plan to use my TIE boots. I need to get the belt buckle to make the belt. I bought a shirt which I hope is the right color (included below). I just need to add Velcro so the buttons don't show and fix the bottom hem to make it straight. I hope to update my build soon when I get my parts together. Any suggestions are appreciated! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk