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  1. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    Unfortunately, I had to quit the 501st due to personal issues. I hope to be able to pursue this again in a few years. I appreciate everyone's time and input.
  2. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I got a different pair of boots that I want to wrap. These won't be as hot. I can slip my feet in and out of them without having to use the zipper, and I can easily remove the buckles and straps. They do cover my ankle. I'm concerned about the toebox being a little narrow, though. Do you think these boots are approvable? https://imgur.com/a/I5Qmc
  3. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I just re-read the CRL where it says that the hood may show signs of weathering.
  4. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    Family issues and illness, but I want to get back on track. The robe came back from the alteration shop and it looks good. When I weather this, should I weather the hood, too?
  5. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I thought about just crazy gluing the velcro.
  6. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I had a costume pre-made for me by Weepy's Clan. The sleeves were too long and so was the bottom. I finally got up the courage to cut them today. I think I did an OK job. On the bottom, the one side is longer than the other, but Jawas are dirty and sloppy anyway. I have to take this to an alteration shop and have seams put in to stop the unraveling, or it's just going to keep unraveling until it's gone. I also have to glue the strips of monk's cloth to the boots and put a strip of velcro inside the hood to attach to the top of the mask because the hood keeps on falling forward too much no matter how much I strangle myself with the straps. Once I get the robe back from the alteration shop, I will start worrying about the weathering. http://imgur.com/qiT03Ok
  7. Undergarments When It's Hot

    Thank you! ❤️
  8. Jawa Baby

    I am so freaked out after looking at those pictures. LOL!
  9. My Jawa Costume is on its Way!

    Thanks. I have some family issues going on, so I may not get to the costume again for a couple of weeks.
  10. My Jawa Costume is on its Way!

    Costume is here. Nervous again. Gotta shorten the robe bottom and sleeves then.....gulp.....weathering...................stay tuned true believers.............
  11. Just had to share the excitement!
  12. Droid Caller Painting Question

    Thank you, kacrut! <3
  13. I really hate revealing how dense I can be about certain things, but I'm going to embarrass myself and ask my question anyway. How should I paint my droid caller? It only needs the parts that are supposed to be silver painted silver. I know I have to tape the parts that I don't want to get silver paint on, but should I use spray paint or should I paint it with a brush?
  14. Knit Gloves?

    While looking for cotton gloves, I found these, but they have stitching on the top like parade gloves. Are these acceptable?
  15. Undergarments When It's Hot

    Thank you. <3