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  1. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I thought about just crazy gluing the velcro.
  2. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I had a costume pre-made for me by Weepy's Clan. The sleeves were too long and so was the bottom. I finally got up the courage to cut them today. I think I did an OK job. On the bottom, the one side is longer than the other, but Jawas are dirty and sloppy anyway. I have to take this to an alteration shop and have seams put in to stop the unraveling, or it's just going to keep unraveling until it's gone. I also have to glue the strips of monk's cloth to the boots and put a strip of velcro inside the hood to attach to the top of the mask because the hood keeps on falling forward too much no matter how much I strangle myself with the straps. Once I get the robe back from the alteration shop, I will start worrying about the weathering. http://imgur.com/qiT03Ok
  3. Undergarments When It's Hot

    Thank you! ❤️
  4. Jawa Baby

    I am so freaked out after looking at those pictures. LOL!
  5. My Jawa Costume is on its Way!

    Thanks. I have some family issues going on, so I may not get to the costume again for a couple of weeks.
  6. My Jawa Costume is on its Way!

    Costume is here. Nervous again. Gotta shorten the robe bottom and sleeves then.....gulp.....weathering...................stay tuned true believers.............
  7. Just had to share the excitement!
  8. Droid Caller Painting Question

    Thank you, kacrut! <3
  9. I really hate revealing how dense I can be about certain things, but I'm going to embarrass myself and ask my question anyway. How should I paint my droid caller? It only needs the parts that are supposed to be silver painted silver. I know I have to tape the parts that I don't want to get silver paint on, but should I use spray paint or should I paint it with a brush?
  10. Knit Gloves?

    While looking for cotton gloves, I found these, but they have stitching on the top like parade gloves. Are these acceptable?
  11. Undergarments When It's Hot

    Thank you. <3
  12. Undergarments When It's Hot

    Cool (no pun intended). Thanks.
  13. Tusken Clearance!

    Congratulations! (I came running here thinking you had costumes on clearance.......)
  14. Undergarments When It's Hot

    Just how much can I "get away with not wearing" (for lack of better wording) under my robe if I'm trooping when it's hot? If I wear long gloves to my elbows, can I wear a black cotton tank top? A black cotton tube top? A black cotton bralette? (No, I won't go topless. LOL!) If my boots go over my ankles, can I wear loose black linen pants if they can tuck into my boots and stay in my boots? I don't have my costume yet, but I saw real Jawa costumes when I squired two weeks ago. What are the odds that anyone is going to see my legs, even if I sit down? Has anyone successfully worn shorts or capris under their robe without their legs being seen? Can anyone recommend a brand of leggings that are more cotton than polyester? It seems that all the leggings out now want to compete with LuLaRoe, so they're that brushed polyester that feels really warm.
  15. Audio files enclosed

    Thank you soooooooo much for these!