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  1. B2 Battle Droid Costume

    I know the 501st doesn't have a database entry for the B2 Battle Droid (and that it mostly likely counts as a wearable prop so it won't be on the list anytime soon) But I thought it'd be fun to keep the denizens, sand people, and jawas in the loop and show them my progress as I work on a super battle droid costume (Don't really have any intention of getting it 501st approved, just wanted to try something that no one (to my knowledge) has tried before :D) So far I've made the forearm from studying an old super battledroid toy model laying around in my house (ROTS era I believe) and Im quite happy with the results! 3D printing works wonders with the right motivation! Anyway, if anyone has any questions or feedback, feel free to drop a line here