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  1. So M.J. if i understand you correctly then we can't do a wrap type of mask?
  2. My girlfriends mask has arrived
  3. Had to do a little bit of modification on the inside of the mask to get the eyes to fit but i like the placement of where they sit
  4. Started roughing up the mask with 80 grit sandpaper and removed the eye scenes cause to be blunt they sucked could easily see behind them
  5. Got my mask in today ill start sanding down the surface to give the flue something to grab into when i go to wrap it in felt
  6. Yeah i got it in a brush kit that had like 7 or 8 different kinds of brushes from Michaels
  7. I used a mixture of orange and yellow i want heavier on the orange side and then defused the lights with pieces of papertowel
  8. Hi every body me #13775 of star garrison and my girlfriend #37370 have started our jawa couples build this is 1 of 2 couples builds we are going to be doing we are already members of both 501st and Rebel legions me as the sith lord Darth Nihilus and Republic Commando Boss (clone commando) she as a ANH Tie pilot and ANH Stormtrooper and a Generic Jedi we wanted to do things that were a little less scary to kids and a bit fun and comfortable with the ability to sit down lol so we decided we will be doing jawa and ANH tusken Raiders So last night we started out jawa builds by ordering our masks and boots and we went to Michaels and got the lights for the eyes and the paint and other thing to do the masks
  9. I also had not realized this but a few years back someone else did a Plug-eye tusken but did it just as a fun costume with no real intention of making a crl for it
  10. Only fan art as far as I can tell
  11. Has anyone discussed about doing the character plug eye from the star wars legacy book Kenobi they describe the character fairly well and was curios if anyone else who has read it though the same