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  1. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    I would like access please for both krayt and 501st Jawa Dz-13775 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20691 Done!!!! Added to 501st Roster
  2. Couples jawa build

    We've been Approved!!!
  3. Couples jawa build

    My 501st jawa submission photos https://imgur.com/gallery/o9h4T
  4. Couples jawa build

    What is up my fellow jawa fans and for those who are tuning in I know it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted its been pretty busy around here between school and other things which ill explain about later So first off let me start off with a progress report on the girlfriends jawa she is all sewn up and ready for weathering along with her boots and bandolier As you can see ive already started on the weathering of the bandolier As for my jawa I just got my measurments down and am now getting ready to cut out the pattern But that's not to say i haven't been getting jawa information while I was out for one weekend me and 37370 aka girlfriend went up to Oklahoma city and hung out with Oklahoma Garrison and the Krayt Clan up there there are lots of jawas up there and during the convention they had a jawa scavenger hunt with a list of items that the jawas had to scavenge before they were arrested by the imps there was also a parade with all of the star wars clubs through the con and jawas were life of the party of course Then the following weekend there was far less star wars involved we went down to the gulf of Mexico where our friends were getting married we thought it would be cool to let a bunch of jawas loose on an aircraft carrier museum lol
  5. Question regarding boots

    Most people get like knock off uug type boots or rain boots from the local walmart of similar stores the wraps that are used are just bits of left over clothe from when you cut out your pattern and then if you wrap the whole boot apply shoe goo for a non slip sole
  6. Couples jawa build

    We got her mask and veil finished yesterday and got her soft parts cut out as well will probably going to get started on wrapping her boots
  7. Couples jawa build

    Good evening my fellow 501st members and prospects 13775 here with another update on me and 37370 couples jawa build from star garrison I must say I learned a few things of what to do and what not to do from dying her fabric mind you she is ecstatic about it now being dyed that she went ahead and purchased both of us our bandoliers so today after a week of hard work hard school and hot weather I decided to get started on mine as well The first photo we have here is my natural colored monks cloth I got from Jo-ann fabric and craft store and after much talk with the Mother of Jawa a.k.a Pixeldust she recommend me getting more because I'm going to be one tall jawa and i will definitely use all of it luckily the store had just enough just 3 inches short of 9 yards and i got it for half price and had a another coupon to boot so I only spent little under $55 for the lot and that also included my 6 bottles of dye too and here I have it hung up ready for dying in it goes !! And vwala!! Dark brown with a hint of sunshine orange lifted my garage door and left the back door open to create a wind tunnel whit was a huge help plus having 0% humidity also big help So now we are ready to start drawing out patterns and i oil the sewing machine we will be ready to sew Stay tuned!!
  8. Couples jawa build

    Yeah mind you in the picture its still very very wet and still had lots of super dark spots since the it hands dried out and has that wonderful jawa rustic brown
  9. Couples jawa build

    Hey peeps im 13775 here and we had a big update today and i was wondering what's all of y'alls opinion on the color Brown lol That right folks with I got some cloth dyed and holy crap is this stuff heavy when wet but i was only able to do my girlfriends bolt first once hers is nice and dried I will be moving on to my much longer bolt cause i and not a of average Jawa height
  10. Couples jawa build

    My girlfriend got her fabric last weekend and i am getting mine this weekend
  11. Couples jawa build

    The third i had just collected the front and backs but that tells me not to collect it together thanks m.j.
  12. Couples jawa build

    I worked more on my mask this weekend and got the veil cemented to the mask more to come later stay tuned folks
  13. My Jawa mask

    So M.J. if i understand you correctly then we can't do a wrap type of mask?
  14. Couples jawa build

    My girlfriends mask has arrived
  15. Couples jawa build

    Had to do a little bit of modification on the inside of the mask to get the eyes to fit but i like the placement of where they sit