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  1. Finally, after a lot of searching through the WWW i was finally able to track these rare Jawa pouches down. These are original vintage Dutch ammunition pouches as used on the one Jawa that shoot R2D2 and was used in most of the publicity shootings. I still need to find the other pouch used on this specific Jawa, it's said to be a british Colt 1911A pouch! (Anyone knows where to find one, PLEASE let me know!!!) As i am unfortunately not allowed to sell here due to forum rules i can not post in the 'Trading Post' section.
  2. Torch Welder Question

    That pic is from a fellow german collector. While his knowledge and his craftsmanship is superior i doubt this attachment can be seen on the screenused Jawas though! Correct me if i'm wrong but i can't find a reference picture showing this attachment. Btw. All the weapons that can be seen in this picture are based on the real original weapons with almost only real original greeblies. That's what i meant with knowledge and craftsmanship...
  3. Redoing my Jawa

    Thanks, i really appreciate your constructive feedback! I since fixed the stringy threads and holes in the hood!
  4. Hey i just want to share my just finished (at least for now) Tusken rebreather. As i'm a accuracy nut i tried to stay as close to what's seen on screen originally. I tried to achieve the look of the original two welded cans by adding a welding line in the middle of the rebreather, i cutted the real cow leather roughly and tried to imitate the overlapping seen on many screenused pictures. Also the red of the caps shows through the painted silver, i did this by masking some prominent areas before painting silver. I will add the weathering later to keep it consistent to my mask and cloth. Here are some progress pictures and the final result, i hope you enjoy.... And finally together with a Godzilla mask which i will update a redo for more screenaccuracy as my next project. Thanks for looking! RoCKo
  5. Whoops, sorry, i posted in the wrong forum section! Mods please move me over!
  6. Hey, my name is Roger and i'm from Germany. I'm a longtime Star Wars lifesize collector for quite some time now. Due to limited space to displays my collection i mostly stay with bust but there is always enough space for a Jawa, right?! Right now i'm updating my current Jawa with more screenaccurate parts like original bandoliers, pouches, micro welder and so on... Besides that i'm also building a Tusken Raider bust from a Godzilla kit and a rebreather kit i bought years ago over at the RPF board. I hope to find here additional informations about Jawas and Tuskens! Thanks! RoCKo
  7. I'm looking for a original vintage (British) Colt 1911a magazine/ammo pouch as used on one of the Jawas bandoliers. Picture courtesy of Parts of Star Wars.I have been lookig for years but he Colt pouch seems to be as rare or even more than the Dutch pouch as i just can't find one.Here are a few more reference pictures from the actual screenused pouch for those not familiar with the Jawa mentioned above:Go to http://www.PartsofSW.com for further information about this pouch!Please let me know if you have one for sale, know where to buy one or have any additional information about this specific pouch!Thanks!