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  1. Cloth for Jawa robe

    Yeah, i did some very intensive research in the last few years and nothing i came across was even close to the screenused cloth. I, at some point, thought about doing a group order of custom made cloth but as i don't have the time nor knowledge i put that idea out of my mind! I contacted Clothears since they had a sample that looked promising but their Jawa project is unfortunatly on hold for an indefinite period of time...
  2. Godzilla Mask

    Great, thanks a lot!
  3. Godzilla Mask

    That helps a lot, thanks! Could you post some inside shots too, that would make it even more understandable!
  4. Thanks a bunch, great source!
  5. Ion blaster for my son

    Thanks mate!
  6. New jawa from U.K.

    Same here, keep it coming...
  7. GeekyAustin's Jawa Build

    Can't wait...
  8. Ion blaster for my son

    Not that i understood anything, but the holster looks as nice as the gun! Nice work!
  9. Ion blaster for my son

    That's some great work there, great attention to details! Winner of the 'Father of the month' contest...
  10. Cloth for Jawa robe

    What is the most screenaccurate fabrik for a ANH Jawa right now? Any updates? I contacted clothears but they have other projects going on... Is there still no substitute for the inaccurate monks cloth? I've searched the internet but couldn't find anything close to whats seen on screen...
  11. Old Time Star Wars Memories

    Great memories, i had almost all figures when i was a child and i'd love to still have them. Unfortunatly i sold all of my stuff when i was around 18-20 years old to fund my skateboarding obsession, i was into pool and miniramp skating and broke a board almost twice a month! I loved my Millenium Falcon... IMHO those were the best figures ever, none of the new ones could beat them! Thanks for that blast from the past, mate!
  12. Is it possible to get your pictures back? Damn Photobucket!
  13. Godzilla Mask

    Looking really good, i always admire a great build up thread! How did you do the backside of your mask? Did you cut out the marked area and if so how did you do the wrapping there?