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  1. Awesome sent in my access request
  2. WIP - Jawa Journey

    DZ-42070 reporting for scavenging detail !!!!
  3. I recently had my Jawa approved and I would love to have a trading card made and get some detachment stuff .Are these thing available after my detachment request is approved? Thanks and can't wait for my first troop !!!!
  4. Hello from NY

    Submitted and have been approved DZ-42070 reporting for duty!!!
  5. WIP - Jawa Journey

    Thanks , can't wait to get out there!!!
  6. WIP - Jawa Journey

    Today I receive my email saying my Jawa was approved !!!! Utini !!!!!
  7. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    DZ Jawa 42070 requesting Krayt Clan access . Can't wait to scavenging https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18960&costumeID=59 Krayt Clan Access Granted Added to 501st roster.
  8. WIP - Jawa Journey

    I have every thing in hand and hoping to have it complete by the weekend and submitted .
  9. Celebration 2017

    Won't have everything in time to finish my Jawa but will be there with my Tie , look forward to meeting everyone!!!
  10. DIY Sound Glove for Jawas and Tuskens

    That's a cool project!!
  11. Please Raid Responsibly...

    Making an IPA for celebration
  12. Please Raid Responsibly...

    I home brew , it could happen . I'm making a beer for celebration now
  13. What happened to the forums?

    Glad it's back up have some reading to do .
  14. WIP - Jawa Journey

    Thanks M.J. looking forward to joining the ranks!!!!