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  1. Won't have everything in time to finish my Jawa but will be there with my Tie , look forward to meeting everyone!!!
  2. That's a cool project!!
  3. Making an IPA for celebration
  4. I home brew , it could happen . I'm making a beer for celebration now
  5. Glad it's back up have some reading to do .
  6. Thanks M.J. looking forward to joining the ranks!!!!
  7. Started scavenging the parts needed to play in the sand!!!! Soft parts - Pixeldust - ordered 1st bandoleer - ebay - ordered boots - sourcing - while I'm waiting for items to come in I found me a tool at the salvage yard
  8. Thanks and decided to go Jawa , so it begins!!!
  9. Good to know!!!
  10. TI Tro requesting 501st access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18960&costumeID=201 501st Access Granted
  11. Hi all , My name is John and I'm currently a member of the ECG on Long Island . Looking into my next endeavor and landed here in DZ land so I'm looking forward to checking out the forums and reading as much as I can .