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    Requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21078 Done!
  2. Dr. Evazan

    looks good so far!
  3. Dr. Evazan

    that prosthetic looks amazing! Silicone?
  4. Dr. Evazan

    I'm surprised there's no official CRL for him. Thank you for starting one! I've done a little research on evazan before and I DO know he has a vest that has very broad cross stitches using leather across his shoulders. Dark brown pants tucked into his boots. NO stripes down the side. He has a piece of twine wrapped around his right thigh. Not holding anything, but still present. This should be optional for basic and required for level 2. I believe his gun belt is the only belt he uses and has the same oval buckle that ponda uses. his boots are very similar if not the same as ponda's. Black leather jack boots or similar style. His blaster is the SE-14, but with two scopes. Not sure how you're going to write up the make-up, but seeing as how this is the defining characteristic of Evazan, I would suggest a high quality latex or silicone appliance be required for basic approval. Assuming the individual inst already naturally facially disfigured.
  5. Bith Cantine

    Looking good tho bud, congratulations!
  6. Bith Cantine

    Why are the buttons on the jacket on the crl so big? Is there any evidence of them being that big on film?