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  1. Dr. Evazan

    Do you think I'm on the right track with the draft I've posted in the initial post of this thread? Anything else I need to be considering to move this forward? The suit itself is complete. All I have left to do is make the holster and finish modifying the wig. After that I will be able to put the whole thing together and see how it looks.
  2. Dr. Evazan

    No photo to post quite yet but I did pick up a wig this weekend and had it altered to have the proper hairline and "shaggy-ness". I'll need a wig since I shave my head. The wig has a lace cap that hugs the wearer's head. I was advised not to trim that completely out where we needed to put in the receding hairline but we did cut the hair out of that section. Now I need to cover that visible portion of the lace cap with silicone to make it look like my forehead. If anyone has any experience doing something like that let me know I'm open to ideas.
  3. Dr. Evazan

    Updated the initial post with my first stab at a CRL.
  4. Dr. Evazan

    Yep! The eyebrows and even nose have hair individually punched through too.
  5. Dr. Evazan

    The pants I have are just a pair of dark brown simple dress pants. I'm thinking that the boots can be simple black jack style boots which I have from other costumes already.
  6. Dr. Evazan

    Here is where I am with the shirt, vest, and belt. (sorry, I realized after I took the photo that the belt is backwards here)
  7. Dr. Evazan

    Here's the prosthetic I had made.
  8. Dr. Evazan

    So is this thread an appropriate place to begin building a CRL for this or should that be a separate thread?
  9. Bith Cantine

    This is brilliant! So easy to put together and adjustable too!
  10. Dr. Evazan

    I've looked through the forums and don't see much mention of everyone's favorite bar bully Dr. Evazan. Approveable-or-not I'm currently working on this costume to go with a friend's Ponda Baba. I figured I should check and see if this has been discussed before as something that would belong in Krayt Clan and if there was anything I'm not thinking of that would limit our ability to put together a CRL for the handsome devil. Here's what I have put together for a potential CRL so far. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Face For 501st approval: § Through the use of prosthetic appliances, the following key facial features resemble that of Dr. Evazan: § Eyebrows/ forehead, right cheek, and upper lip. § Prosthetic appliances are made from silicone, foam latex, or gelatin. § The prosthetic appliance are well blended into the skin reducing the noticeable separation between the skin around the eyes and mouth and the appliance. § The right "damaged" eye can be molded into the prosthetic eliminating the need for a contact lens (see below). Hair For 501st approval: § Hair is brown, wavy, approximately 3-4 inches in length with an unkempt appearance. § This can be achieved with the wearer’s own hair, or a wig. § The hair has the appearance of a receding hairline. Vest For 501st approval: § Made from brown suede or suede-like material. § Worn open with no visible method of closure. § Shoulders are adorned with leather cord stitching in a semi-random cross-stitch pattern. Shirt For 501st approval: § The undershirt is a beige or tan color which is not tucked into the trousers. § The front of the shirt is cut with a deep v-neck which extends to the mid/low chest area. § The collar is a military/mandarin style collar with a very wide opening at the front. § Sleeves have no visible cuff on the ends. Belt For 501st approval: § The belt is made from brown leather or leather-like material. § Buckle is curved, oval in shape and a snaps to the right of the wearer. § The holster is attached to the belt. Holster For 501st approval: § Dark-Brown leather (or leather-like material) holster worn on the right hip § A thin strand of twine is used to tie holster to the wearer's leg. Trousers For 501st approval: § Simple brown pants without noticeable pockets or adornments. Boots For 501st approval: § Black jack-boot style boots are made of leather or leather like material. § Simple with no adorning features (IE: buckles, laces) § Mid-calf in height Optional Accessories Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described. SE-14 Blaster For 501st approval: § Blaster is an SE-14 with dual scopes Teeth For 501st approval: § False teeth used on the bottom of the wearers mouth to match visual reference. Damaged Eye For 501st approval: § Not applicable if the prosthetic has the right eye molded into it's design. § Only one contact lens worn in the right eye. § The contact lens described as a hazy-white “zombie” effect. § This style of contact lens may be worn, if desired. § While encouraged to complete the look of this character, the contact lens requirement will be waived for 501st acceptance, if the applicant cannot wear contact lenses for health related reasons. § All persons utilizing contact lenses are encouraged to first see their optometrist for a fitting.