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  1. Jawa...for my son.

    Awesomes!!...[emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] ... Great blaster holster....one question, the ion blaster is it 3D print?... Sent from my Smartfren Andromax AD682H using Tapatalk
  2. Bandolier...

  3. Tutorial: WW1 Turkish Ottoman bandolier

    Hi Arcturus1020... is there any way that you can upload the pictures of your bandolier build again, please... it's for me and others who wanted to make the bandolier like yours... for me it's more helpful to see the pictures (because english is not my main language) Thank you.
  4. Bandolier...

    but no pictures... sorry.
  5. Bandolier...

  6. Godzilla Mask

    Great job!.
  7. Hello from central VA

    Welcome to the forum
  8. Tusken from Louisiana

    Welcome to the forum...and congratulations.
  9. Greeting from Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hi there Matey!! Welcome to the Forum!!.. nice to see you here.
  10. My Tusken Raider Build

    Awesome bandolier build... for weathering?... what kind of leather did you used? .. if it's a real leather here's the link http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4524-weathering-a-bandolier/ http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/245-aging-weathering-leather/ ..and if it's a faux leather you can just sanded a bit and apply a dark colour shoe polish. ... hope that help.
  11. New from Monterey Bay

    Thank You for Your Service, ma'am ... and Welcome to the forum...
  12. Newbie Here!

    Welcome to the forum... have fun build
  13. New wannabe Jawa from Scotland

    Welcome to the forum...
  14. Tapatalk issues

    ...I'm still can't log in here using tapatalk app... it's been 5 days since I email support@tapatalk.com sadly I'm not getting any respons from them, already check my spam folder...nope/zero reply...
  15. Tapatalk issues

    yea' i got the same problem too... only when I'm using tapatalk to log in to Kraytclan forum, .... but on fisd, mepd forum I Can log in using tapatalk with no problem... any admin/member here got some answers?? Thank you.