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  1. Garindan in the process

    Hi Proxis, I use 5 mm thickness for the EVA foam.. once they,re shaped, glued and painted it,s sturdy enough .. Hope this help, good luck with your building. cheers!
  2. Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to the clan happygoberry!
  3. Welcome to the clan Tator!
  4. New from California

    Welcome to the clan Angelrose13!
  5. New from Sydney, Australia

    Welcome to the clan Shadan..lookin good!
  6. Hello from Hoth-- err, Norway

    Welcome to the clan!
  7. Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome to the clan!
  8. Hello From Phoenix, AZ

    Welcome to the clan!
  9. Hello from Houston

    Welcome to the clan!
  10. New to the Clan

    Welcome to the clan!
  11. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    DZ 50155 reporting requesting Krayt Clan and 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=23409&costumeID=61 Krayt Clan Access Granted
  12. New build underway. Garidan

    Hi Taz, in case you haven't check this guide from Pilerud, for me it's very helpful. It's provide the information for the size and proportion for the cloaks. http://pilerud.com/download/save/Garindan_costume_replica_guide_by_Pilerud.pdf good luck with your build mate!
  13. Garindan in the process

    thank you @Jawabass good luck with your build too!
  14. Garindan in the process

    Hi all, just to post an Imperial Com-link that I made using parts from http://www.reademodels.com Blaster Cylinder Kits that me and my fellow TK ordered online and some parts that I chopped from some rocket toys then I paint it white. It's not even close to a standard Imperial C1 comlink, but I think this will do for now . Cheers! Marcel W.
  15. Greetings from Indonesia

    Thanks for the welcome @Reela