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  1. Scouser's Bantha Rider

    Thanks again! Could not have done it without all the info here. I may not say a lot, but I try to keep up with as much as possible.
  2. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum Name: Scouser ID: DZ-91919 Event: SWCO Date: April 15, 2017 Costume: ANH Tusken Bantha Rider I am the Tusken behind R2Bman in this image looking over to my left. In large group shot, I am closest to first column, just like here..
  3. Celebration ReTouch!

    Hello again! Spoke to you a few times at Celebration. My wife was the unapproved Jawa talking to you about standards and not being sure if she could be able to be approved, etc. on Sunday. Can't remember what we spoke about earlier, that is just the only thing I could think of at the moment lol.
  4. 501st Access Requests

    Not sure if I just posted in the wrong forum.....but would like to have Kryat Clan/501st member access please. DZ-91919 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=24171&costumeID=58 501st Access Granted
  5. FanDam's Tusken Raider Build (Approved)

    I was just about to reply to your post on my thread and noticed your ID # Congrats!! Glad to see your approval came in quick and in time for celebration!
  6. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Requesting access to Kryat Clan. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24171 DZ-91919 Thank you! Krayt Clan Access Granted Added to 501st roster.
  7. Scouser's Bantha Rider

    As of this morning DZ-91919 lives!!! Thanks again all! The info on this forum has been awesome! Now to get my wife's Jawa done on a time crunch. She is jealous of my approval haha Look forward to meeting some of you at Celebration!
  8. Scouser's Bantha Rider

    Thanks everybody. We ended up getting the okay last night finally. I left the bandos the way he wanted them even though visually it was not as pleasing to me....the martini is more flat so makes chest area not as poofy....but I think I will put it back on the waist when I start trooping. I'll have to look at the bandos a little more closely and see if I can add some leather softner and then run over them a few times with my truck. Used to break in my baseball gloves that way and worked like a charm! Hopefully my name gets added officially soon since he told me to put in my app and he started working on it right after I did. Excited to get ready for celebration!
  9. Scouser's Bantha Rider

    I asked if he had a different CRL, and he said he would recheck and came back with basically same info. I'll copy the bando info and even point out level 2 info which is what I was using for bando purchase. I wanted to make sure I got the most accurate I could without hurting myself financially. i mainly went with 1903s on chest to have more symmetrical look. Hopefully I can submit officially tonight since I just emailed him directly without applying for membership. Did everything requested so far. I'll try to provide the CRL info and ask if there is something different to please inform me since I am going off what I see here.
  10. Scouser's Bantha Rider

    Thank you for the feedback! The GML also replied to me today and mentioned the head wrap too. I took a wire brush to it and got some better looking edges on the bandages. Changed my bandos around since he said I needed a different one for the waist. I didn't see that anywhere in the CRLs, but it actually fits better with the swap. I am still kinda confused on the bando for the waist since I am just following the CRL, but doing what I need to do. Also spend about an hour or so weathering them since they were very new looking. Added a tad bit of weathering to toe of boots and flipped my sash around because one side has more weathering oddly, and I managed to not pick that side for first pics. Did everything that needed to be done, so tomorrow I will take more pics once wife get home. Our house is so dark it seems I have to take photos outside against our garage since it is only white thing we have for a background.
  11. Hello all, I felt funny posting a WIP thread since I did not build the suit, just the gaffi stick. I used the build thread/DIY for the Lowes Gaffi stick and I loved it. Was super simple and a tutorial I feel anybody could follow. I just wish I had thought to take more photos as I was building. My outfit, I wanted a Bantha Rider since I really like the story about the relationships Tusken have with their Bantha. In addition, I didn't want to add another layer since I have to deal with heat and humidity. I may add the outer robe in the future though. The outfit came from Tusken Outfitters and I am SUPER happy with it. Bandos I found off ebay and also a re-enactment dealer's website. I sent my images into the local GML, but have no idea how long it will take to get any feedback or permission to submit officially. Is there a timeframe to wait before I can just go ahead and submit to 501st? I want to get approved before Celebration and know it will be more and more of a crunch as it approaches.
  12. I can pick one up for you and mail it if needed. I am about 3/4 of the way through this build and loving it so far! May give me something to do tomorrow morning while I am waiting for my wife's medical appointment to be over.
  13. Hello from North Carolina

    Funny you mention that! I just started it a few days ago using that video and hope to complete it this weekend. My box from Tusken Outfitters came in today, so I am going to be super motivated now! Glad to see another person from NC here too!!
  14. Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks again! I found out my outfit will be here Monday. I have my bandos and plan to work on a weapon this weekend. Just not sure what I want to do. I am leaning toward rifle but don't think I will get that done before celebration with everything else going on. Very excited and ready to join the clan!
  15. Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks everybody!! Looking forward to this. From what I can tell the Carolinas only have 3 Tuskens, so would be nice to be able to help contribute to the cause. I don't think I have ever seen them at the events I have been to with a 501st/RL presence. Bandoleers came in quickly so I will have to dirty them up a bit and move to the next item which will be a weapon most likely since I am going for a bantha rider approval and my kit will have everything else I should need for the outfit.