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  1. Ah yes, well I'm a little further south down with the Southern Cross Garrison:)
  2. No I don't sorry. Is he in my part of the world?
  3. That's looking very nice. And it looks like a lot of fun to build. I missed out on all this as I inherited my kit. I'm so tempted to make my own bucket and gaffi stick to replace existing parts.
  4. Great video. I've got a stick that I inherited but so tempted to make one of my own.
  5. Thanks mate!
  6. Looking forward to see how this turns out!
  7. Thanks buddy Off to Bunnings tomorrow to get some new gloves I think.
  8. I made some new arm wrappings today. It involved learning how to use the wife's sewing machine. I've never used one before but got the hang of it pretty quickly. Thank goodness for YouTube! I quite like the colour I achieved from the strong coffee-bags I used. Also, this materiel is far thinner than the existing arm wrappings which will be a life saver in this part of the world.
  9. Cheers man. I recently moved from Darwin after living there for four years - now THAT was Tatooine lol
  10. Haha you bet!
  11. And some good news: DZ 81194 approved!
  12. DZ-81194 requesting access Krayt Clan Access Granted
  13. Thanks so much. I wish I could take credit for it but I can't. I honestly have no idea who made it.
  14. Do you have much of a back log?
  15. Hello all, I may have got a little carried away on my introduction thread - it quickly became a build thread - so I was advised very politely to post over here I am currently in Sydney and hoping to join the Southern Cross Garrison. Fingers crossed. I inherited this costume from a mate who just moved to Hawaii for work - tough life I know. I know he never had it approved but i couldn't tell you if it was before then. Here are a few pics from the first time I wore it at The Rogue One premiere. The only thing I had changed was adding the chest bandolier. So there were a few things I wasn't happy with... obviously my waist bandolier is wrong. I went about making a new one using a template from Arcturus1020 and some faux-leather vinyl. I used some cardboard and foam to help keep its shape. It didn't take long to knock these together. Next I had to make a belt to attach them all together. I used a luggage belt and wrapped more of the vinyl around it, sewing into place. I attached the pouches to the belt using some glue, stitches and finally some split pins for good measure. If I did it all again I would build the pouches around the belt so they would not have a chance of coming off. I could have used belt loops I suppose but... I didn't. This is all a learning curve for me. So weathering... I've never done that either. Using some light sandpaper and acrylic paints I gave it a go. Not too shabby. I hope. Next I needed to redo that respirator. Not only did it look very much like a couple of plastic lids glued to a couple of spray cans - which it was! - but having a steel rod around my neck wasn't comfortable at all. I bought an aluminium rod and, using a coke can, went about rebuilding it. I also removed the extra lip off the lids and recessed the flare nuts before gluing back together. After spraying with aluminium paint I re-wrapped it with more of the same vinyl for colour consistency and went ahead with the weathering. I tried to make this thing DIRTY. I also did a bit more on the chest bandolier I had purchased earlier. Next I've gotten some of the slack out of the sleeves as they are too wide for my arms. I'm considering making completely new sleeves as these aren't all that long. So this is where I'm at. I actually did submit this for approval before my modifications and I'm waiting to hear back. I kind of wish I'd waited now. Oh well. - Shaun