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  1. Poholio's Tusken WIP

    Looks good. Can’t wait for the finished product. Good job.
  2. Male Tusken WIP

    Wow. I was dyeing today too and I thought I had it rough. 45 yards. Wow. I can imagine. That’s a lot of fabric let alone coffee and tea cooking. Can’t wait to see what you make with it.
  3. Question on sealing work

    I’m with Iggy I don’t know why not sandblasted, but with that I wouldn’t worry too much on the dulling. Mine are the plastic type painted. They are no where close to shiny. They look worn and dirty.
  4. Iggy's AOTC Tusken Build Thread

    Nice work. I really like the fact you can 3D print your helmet. That’s awesome. It looks good. The only thing I notice is on the robe. I know yuh saidbyiu have trimming to do yet, but I would look at the film photos and the CRL to make sure that he sleeves being clean hemmed is ok. On my ANH Tusken the sleeves are frayed and worn. I don’t know the AOTC CRL requirements so please do t take it as me telling you it’s wrong. Bandolier came out nice. I like that you had the guts to make it as I bought mine. They look great. Again when you start the weathering, check all of the film shots you can. That way you’ll look great and like you were there the night Anakin was there as well. Only lucky for you you were out raiding and he missed you. Looking forward to more photos and your approval.
  5. Bantha Rider Photos

    Here are the two photos from the Tusken Raider Costuming/accessories/real reference thread that I’ve been using. There are more at the clips page posted here. In my opinion they are fast and not a lot f details but these combined with the CRL Requirements is what I am following as my guide.
  6. Bantha Rider Photos

    Thanks for the link. It will be helpful. I am hoping to stay as close as possible to the film. And you are very right about watching the film for the references. I believe many look at other approvals to make the decision on what they feel they should do. For me, I’m sticking with the film as best I can.
  7. From the Mouth of a Tusken

    This was great. Fantastic idea.
  8. Greetings from Germany

    Welcome. Glad to have you here. There will be a great deal of help here in these forums.
  9. Greetings from Virginia

    Great to have you here. Looking forward to seeing your work progress. Welcome.
  10. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Tuskenfire DZ29161 Alabama Cotton Festival Eclectic AL 10/14/17 Tusken Raider
  11. Tuskenfire's Event Roster

    Alabama Cotton Festival Eclectic AL 10/14/17 DZ 29161 Tusken Raider
  12. Bantha Rider Photos

    I went with 2 Martini Henry and the unnamed custom from the film. The unnamed I bought the pouches off the forum from Tusken Outfitters. I’m waiting on delivery. Once I have them I plan to post a photo of my rider for feedback.
  13. Blue Snaggletooth

    This looks great. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  14. Welcome aboard. The Darth hair kit is what I used. Great kit. Looking forward to snowy Tusken vacation photos! Glad to have you here.
  15. 1st Wyoming Jawa

    Welcome! First Jawa in Wyoming? That's awesome. We are glad to have you here.