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  1. I did a dye test tonight in small scale. Coffee. Drinking strength. Each square was placed in the bath for (left to right) 40, 10, and 5 minutes. Brand of coffee is McDonald's. (I used cafe bustelo for the inner robe. ) I believe that 30 minutes and the paint treatment will cover the needed weathering.
  2. An outer robe fitting. Started off as 8 yes 4 inches of monks cloth. It is now sized and ready for weathering. Plan to dye with coffee and use paint to dirty it up. No shoulder seams. 2 panels sewn up the back. Second view Your thoughts are appreciated. Almost finished. Once weathering is complete it is on to the darth hair mask.
  3. I like the color. In my opinion if it looks dirty and all three parts match, I'd say it's good. However, it is a little darker than what is considered screen accurate. But I'm no expert.
  4. Really great progress. The bacon material, what did you use to create that color? I have enjoyed watching your build. Great job. Hope mine turns out half that good.
  5. I appreciate your chronicling this process. I'm about to purchase my Darth Hair kit. It great to see how it goes together from a different view and perspective. Please keep up the good work. Best of luck on your build.
  6. Welcome to the boards. My experience with all those involved in these boards has been great. As I am actively working on my my costume, when I have asked for guidance it has been there and my questions answered. You are looking into the right group in my opinion. Welcome.
  7. Congratulations on the approval!
  8. That's the same thing I did. I just used my scraps. Waste not want not I guess. It worked on mine.
  9. Stopped by to read your post. Photos are not showing up.
  10. Merry Christmas to all. Have a great New Year's Day.
  11. That's right. Can't wait to see where you take it. Best wishes. Keep photos coming!
  12. Thanks Reela. I plan to leave this as it is now and call it finished. I'm on to the gloves and arm wraps.
  13. Here I go on to the next part. I am preparing to dye and make my arm wraps. This are the materials I will be using. This material will be used also for the boot wrappings and the waist sash. I would like advice....is everyone making a shirt with wraps attached? Wraps attached to gloves that will go up the arms and wrap each troop? What works best? The guidance from you all has been great. Please keep it coming. It really helps.
  14. I was pulled in as well. Funny. Video.
  15. Not sure if you bought your material for your costume, but I bought 8 yards onesburg for my inner and a complete bolt of 10 yds of monks cloth for my outer. Hope that helps.